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The Best Coffee That Tastes Like Chocolate (Full Guide)

by sundhedsvagten

Coffee beans from all over the world offer a whole variety of tastes and aromas. These flavors can vary, from more fruity undertones to more chocolaty undertones. The undertones these different coffees have depend almost entirely on the location of the harvest and the way the coffee beans have been roasted.

This means that everyone can have their favorite roast and flavor of the coffee. One particular coffee flavor is coffee that tastes like chocolate. As the cold season sets, the craving for hot chocolate arises, and for people who love chocolate, there is nothing better than a coffee that has the undertones and aroma of chocolate.

While you may think Coffee and Chocolate are related to each other in some ways, they come from absolutely different plants. The only thing similar to both is that both are plant-based, and both are roasted.

Also, if coffee has chocolate notes, it doesn’t really mean it is going to taste like sweet milk chocolate. A chocolate undertone means you’ll get the taste somewhat like dark chocolate, which is great since it will help eliminate the bitter taste of coffee and dilute the acidity, which many people can’t handle.

If you can get your hands on a coffee that has the aroma and flavor of chocolate, coupled with caffeine, it can help alleviate your mood in the morning and help you maintain your energy levels throughout the day!

Luckily, if you are looking for a guide to the best coffees available out there, which have the aroma and flavor of Chocolate in them, you have come to the right place.

Let’s look at some coffee bean products we have shortlisted for you which have the best chocolate notes in them.

Maud’s Chocolate Mocha Cappuccino Coffee 

Love dark chocolate? Maud’s Chocolate Mocha Cappuccino coffee is heaven for dark chocolate lovers. Made from 100% Arabica coffee beans, it has a sweet and aromatic taste to it which, coupled with rich chocolaty flavors, gives it a great full-bodied taste. 

Although the base is Dark roast espresso coffee beans, it doesn’t carry the bitterness of original espresso coffee beans.

When you brew it, the aroma of cappuccino will spread all over the house, and it’s the part of brewing Maud’s Mocha Cappuccino we love the most!

Maud’s, being an environmentally conscious company, roasts its beans in California in their own solar-powered coffee bean roasting facility, and they plan on going carbon neutral by 2024! It is a good feeling when you’re buying and helping promote brands that implement environment-friendly processes in their product making and packaging.

Also, they include organic and fair trade beans (where farmers are compensated at a fair price for their produce).

Apart from that, dark chocolate is a very good source of antioxidants for your body. It also helps alleviate your mood, as per research. Drink a cup of dark chocolate-flavored Mocha Cappuccino to cheer yourself up and maintain your energy levels throughout the day.

It comes in a single serving packing that is compatible with almost all single-serve coffee makers and K-Cup compatible brewers. The pods, too are made of recyclable material.

So, put the pod into your coffee machine and enjoy the rich aroma of dark chocolate along with the smell of cappuccino every time you brew your cup of Maud’s coffee. 

Maud's Chocolate Mocha Cappuccino Coffee

100% Dairy Free specialty coffee that is filled with rich and creamy chocolate flavors and blended to perfection with dark roast coffee espresso beans.

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Coffee Bean Direct Chocolate Raspberry Flavored-Whole bean coffee

If you fear that chocolate flavored coffee is going to be a bit too bitter for your taste buds, try the Coffee bean Direct chocolate raspberry flavor mix. The chocolate flavor with a punch of sweet raspberry notes in this coffee will give you a pleasant surprise. 

The chocolate undertones complimented with original coffee beans will kick start your taste buds on a morning with some grogginess. The added sweet flavor notes of raspberry give that fruity kick that will fulfill your coffee cravings.

The prices are pretty reasonable too. It comes in fresh packaging and includes whole beans.

Coffee Bean Direct Chocolate Raspberry Flavored

This sweet and velvety combination is one of the original flavored coffees. Chocolate compliments the natural chocolaty undertones of the bean while the raspberry adds a sweet and fruity kick

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Illy Classico Whole Bean Coffee, Medium Roast, Classic Roast with Notes Of Chocolate & Caramel, 100% Arabica Coffee

A 100% Arabica coffee, Illy Classico Whole Bean coffee is an all-rounder! The Medium roast coffee has been sourced from fields that produce the finest Arabica coffee beans. The sweet kick of chocolate, caramel, and orange blossoms in this coffee makes it very popular amongst fans of flavored coffee.

No added chemicals or preservatives have been used, so you can relax and enjoy knowing that what you’re consuming is nothing but pure Arabica coffee.

It comes in powder form, and the unique pressurized coffee packaging ensures that the freshness of coffee remains intact.

Rest assured, the unique caramel and chocolate notes with the fruity punch are going to invigorate your mind and body while giving you a boost of energy.

Try an espresso, iced latte, or cappuccino, and sit back to enjoy the benefits of Arabica coffee along with the flavorful undertones of Illy’s Classico.

Illy claims to be a responsible buyer of coffee beans from all over the world, and rightfully so. They have been named on Ethisphere’s list for seven consecutive years.

Illy Classico Espresso Ground Coffee

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Flavored coffee has a big market, and though many coffee geeks may think flavored coffee doesn’t let you appreciate the original taste and notes of coffee, it is gaining popularity amongst the masses. That is because the acidity and bitterness of original coffee without any undertones are not bearable for many.

Coffee has always been a complex mixture of a lot of flavors and undertones. That is good news because everyone has a unique preference, and if you’re looking out for a coffee with chocolate flavor, you should know exactly what you’re looking for. Do check out our recommendations above, and look out for more coffee that tastes like chocolate, because the market is huge. If you go out and do some firsthand research, that’d be great as well.

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