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Breville Barista Pro Vs. Express: Which one is the best?

by sundhedsvagten

It was Breville’s Barista Express which already took over all espresso machines until the Pro arrived. This upgrade by Breville has made things super convenient yet tricky to choose. So, should you opt for upgrading Barista Express to Pro?

Has Breville Barista Pro taken over Barista Express?

Barista Pro, with the most aesthetic look, has taken the first seat among all espresso machines. The upgraded features in Pro have made it a quick espresso serving machine without compromising the quality.

The bells and whistles offered by Pro do make it one in many. However, this doesn’t mean you have got enough factors to vote for Pro or stick with Express either. Wait till you read the differences below. The table below will give you a quick understanding of Breville’s Espresso machines.

Breville’s Barista Pro Breville’s Barista Express
It is user-friendly and semi-automatic. Thus, recommended for beginners It is a bit difficult to use comparatively. You will probably need a user manual.
Looks aesthetically pleasing Not have that desired look.
You can set the temperature for milk frothing. You will have to keep the container in check for the desired temperature.
It takes 30-35 seconds for a single shot. It takes a few seconds longer comparatively.
Table: Breville’s Barista Express Vs Pro

Breville Barista Pro vs. Express: Difference in features

Which one looks better?

The Barista Pro has a sleek and more practical design than Barista Express. It has curvy edges and a glossy texture, making it more eye-catching. On the contrary, the Barista Express has a sharp, angular design.

The LCD gives Barista Pro a more pleasant look. The digital display operates the machine with high precision to prepare a perfect drink.

Whereas Barista Express has an analogue gauge with several buttons at the upper compartment of the machine. The analogue gauge is comparatively low precision than LCD.

The heating system and timing

Both the machines are single boilers but have different heating systems. The Barista Pro has a heating system called ThermoJet, which allows the machine to reach its optimal temperature within 3 seconds. However, the cylindrical coil in Barista Express takes 30 seconds to heat up.

This doesn’t just outdo Barista Express in reducing seconds to heat the machine. But also enhances the steaming performance of Pro. Barista Pro takes 8-10 seconds to transition from brewing to steaming.

Thanks to ThermoJet you can serve several espresso shots in a short time. The Barista Express requires 26 seconds to heat the steam wand right after brewing. You can now imagine the incredible speed of Barista Pro to make transitions.

ThermoJet is also responsible for efficiently cooling down the system when you pull your espresso shots. However, Barista Express will require cool water to lower the temperature of the heating coil.

Con of Barista Pro

A disadvantage of ThermoJet is that the system does not preheat the cup tray. However, you will need to preheat the portafilter to stabilize the temperature before preparing the first shot.

The recommendation is to run a few blank shots and wipe the filter basket before grinding.

Low water sensor

Barista Express lacks the detachable 2-litre reservoir but exists in Barista Pro at its rare side. The reservoir comes with a sensor to detect low water levels. The feature is useful to make tea or Americano. It makes Barista Pro more convenient and effective.

Grind setting and built-in grinder

Barista Pro comes with a built-in, conical burr grinder, unlike Barista Express. You can have the desired grind setting according to your preferences more easily. It resides between two grind settings usually. The burr grinder has 30 grind steps to make a perfect dosed coffee.

The dose control feature adds accuracy to coffee. The high-resolution grind setting makes Barista Pro the excellent choice for meticulous coffee lovers. The Barista Express couldn’t get the better of it, due to 18 grind steps.

Steam wand and milk frothing speed

Barista Pro has more commercial value as it is user-friendly and can work more effectively. The machine has four holes steam wand to create airy and creamy milk frothing.

It takes 45 seconds to heat the milk to 60 degrees Celsius. Barista Express can do the same in 60 seconds as it contains a one-hole steam wand.

Breville Barista Pro vs. Express: Which one is expensive?

The built-in grinder, grinder setting, and other upgrades have made Barista Pro smarter. Unfortunately, and obviously, the upgrade to Barista Pro comes with the cost. Technically, Barista Express’s cost also exceeds the market’s competitive prices. But the fact that it outstands other espresso models is inevitable.

Barista Pro has a market price of $799.95, whereas Barista Express costs $599.95. The factors responsible for an extra expense in Barista Pro are worth investing in for more extensive commercial use.

Breville Barista Pro vs. Express: What should you buy?

I believe Barista Pro is a fancy yet worthwhile addition to your kitchen if this is your first experience with an espresso machine. It is quite easy to get hands-on with Barista Pro. However, if you already have enough practical experience with Barista Express, you can stick to it.

Both the machines make the equally perfect drink for you, but this shouldn’t limit your experience with Barista Express. With Barista Pro, it’s easier to prepare a drink with an accurate dose in a short time.

The improved grinder, precisely timed dosing and the brewing process timer are all essential features that help you achieve more consistent and repeatable results.






Breville Barista Pro



Breville Barista Express



Barista Pro, with its aesthetic looks and sleek design, gives a more appealing appearance than Barista Express. The new version has increased steaming process speed up to 25%, and convenient placement of hot water outlet. All these features are worth investing a few more hundred dollars for beginners and bigger commercial use. However, you can choose to stick with Barista Express if you have enough hands-on experience to make a perfect drink.

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