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Blonde Roast Vs. Medium Roast: Everything You Need to Know

by sundhedsvagten

If you’re looking to make yourself the perfect cup of coffee, there are a few factors that you would need to consider. These mainly include the taste, aroma, and flavor. The coffee roast is a crucial factor in determining the taste of your coffee.

The different roast levels of the coffee can be very confusing. A new addition to the dark, medium, and white roasts is the blonde roast.

Although the blonde roast has been around for a long time, it is only recently that the blonde roast has become a popular trend among coffee lovers.

A frequently asked question is how the blonde roast varies from the medium roast. This article will clear your confusion and provide you with a detailed comparison of the two roasts.

What Is Blonde Roast?

The main distinction between the various roasts is the roasting methods of the coffee.

The blonde roast is brewed using blonde coffee beans. These coffee beans are lightly roasted compared to the dark or medium roast.

The blonde coffee can be brewed using any coffee machine and served black or with milk or cream, just like any other coffee.

Is Blonde Roast the Same as Light Roast?

The blonde roast is more or less the same as a light roast.

White, gold, and blonde roast fall in the same category as the light roast.

The blonde roast is even lighter than the light roast with a lighter body and high acidity flavor profile.

What Is Medium Roast?

The medium roast has a thicker body, and the taste is more balanced with more amounts of caffeine and is brown.

The lightly roasted coffee is roasted until the first crack appears in the bean, whereas the medium roast is roasted until just before the beans’ second crack.

The longer the beans are roasted, the darker they tend to be and stronger flavor.

Is Blonde Roast Stronger Than Medium Roast?

A blonde roast coffee is mild and not as strong as a medium roast.

The caffeine content greatly depends on how the coffee beans are roasted. The longer the coffee beans are roasted, the more likely they will burn off the caffeine.

Even though the darker roasts have a more intense and strong flavor than the lighter roasted coffee, the caffeine content is higher.

The roasted blonde coffee has a more vibrant and acidic taste than the medium roast.

However, if you like to drink your coffee with cream and sugar, you might not feel much difference between the blonde roast or medium roast unless you drink your cup black.

Is Blonde Roast the Same as Medium Roast?

Blonde roast and medium roast are not the same. Here are some common critical differences between the two roasts.

Key differences Blonde roast Medium roast
Color Light brown Brown
Roast Till the first crack Just before the second crack
Roasting temperature 356-401°F 410-435°F
Flavors Floral and vibrant Sweeter and balanced
Acidity Higher Lower
Caffeine High Less than blonde roast
Oil No oil on the surface May show some oil on the surface

Which Roast Is Less Bitter?

Among the blonde roast and the medium roast, the blonde roast is less bitter. The blonde roast is less bitter because the roast is not for long. When the coffee beans are roasted for a longer time, this brings a bitter flavor to the coffee roast.

The more you burn your coffee beans, the more it brings a bitter and robust flavor profile.

It means that the medium roast has a slightly bitter taste compared to the blonde roast.

Which Roast Is Healthier?

According to a study’s findings, the lighter the coffee roast, the higher the level of chlorogenic acid.

This is significant in terms of health benefits, as lighter coffee roasts appear to have more antioxidant capabilities, making them healthier to consume.

It is also discovered that the light roast is superior to the other roasts in terms of protection against inflammation and cell damage.


All the avid coffee drinkers out there know different roast levels, and you need to know which roast works best for you.

Blonde roast and medium roast are two separate roasts. The blonde roast comes in the category of light roast, where coffee beans are roasted for a little time compared to the medium roast.

As a result, medium roast is brown and has a balanced flavor, whereas light roast is light brown and more vibrant.

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