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Cappuccino Vs. Frappuccino: What’s the Difference?

by sundhedsvagten

A Cappuccino and a Frappuccino may sound like the variation of the same drink on a menu, but they are very different. Also, while you may come to believe you are ordering the same thing, you may be surprised by what you get.

That is why it is very important you know what to expect when you order a drink off the menu.

Cappuccinos are espresso-based beverages topped with a microfoam of steamed milk. They are commonly served in single-serving cups. On the other hand, Starbucks owns the trademark on the coffee-based drink Frappuccinos. Frappuccinos are commonly served iced, with a lot of sugar, and topped with whipped cream.

Both drinks have a different fan base. While you may be thinking they are different, they have similarities as well. With this article, we try to break all the similarities and differences for you.

Cappuccino Vs. Frappuccino – The Main Difference

The main difference between both is that a Cappuccino is served hot, while a Frappuccino is served cold.

The state of the constituents added in a Cappuccino makes it hot. 

Take hot and freshly brewed espresso, add that with steamed milk, and top it with microfoam. 

Do this with the right ratios, and your cappuccino is ready. A cappuccino has a distinct shape, texture, and feel. It wouldn’t be the same if it was served at a cold temperature.

Quite the opposite, a typical Frappuccino is served Iced and cold. It is served as a milkshake. It has crushed ice, coffee, cream (a lot of cream actually), milk, and syrup on the top usually. 

All of these make it a heavy drink. The calorie count is high as well. We can’t imagine it served hot because that would destroy its taste.

The temperature plays a significant role in taste. It also is the key reason whether you’ll get the caffeine kick faster or not.

For that reason, cold coffee-based drinks are brewed stronger because the added milk and whipped cream take away the strength and aroma.

A Cappuccino is traditional. It will probably live till the last coffee bean on earth is brewed. A Frappuccino is trendy. It is the answer to the call of an audience that wanted a cappuccino with a twist. It is very popular among teens. We’ll know in the next section why.

What is a Frappuccino?

Mix coffee, milk, whipped cream, and ice in a blender.

Here you go. You may serve yourself a Frappuccino, but that’s not the end. That is just the start.

Go a step further, and add different syrups to the abovementioned blend. Make it a bit fancier, sweeter, and a lot tastier. You may choose from chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, or some chocolate to top it off. 

This turns it into a dessert-type drink that is so popular that Starbucks made 19 different variations! This does not include the seasonal flavors. That would make the count even higher.

A Frappuccino does not need caffeine. Everyone can have their Frappuccino variant. That’s what makes it very happening and exciting, hence why it became an overnight success. 

You may order it with or without the caffeine content. Up to you to decide what you want to go for.

In the end, there is no one formula to make a Frappuccino. It is versatile and adaptable to each person’s preference.

Beware though, sweetness is something you’ll get in every Frappuccino. No escape from that. And that means a lot of calories.

Fat and Sugar Content of a Cappuccino Vs. Frappuccino

A Frappuccino may have up to 380 calories in one drink alone. The cream, milk, whipped cream, and syrup all add up to the calorie count of Frappuccino.

Are you looking to cut calories for summer? You’ll want to stay away from it. You may put your calorie counter aside, though, for a day, in case you want to treat yourself occasionally. All in all, you’ll still feel the heavy drink in your stomach if it isn’t an everyday drink of yours.

A Cappuccino is quite a bit different in this case. A simple shot of espresso, with virtually no calories, is used as a base. Added steamed milk has some calories. One can’t avoid that. Steamed milk with high-fat content is responsible for the velvety foam and great texture. That’s about it.

Add sugar or not, up to you. Without sugar, a 6 Oz. cup of cappuccino is no more than 60 calories in total.

Can You Tweak Your Cappuccino as You Do With a Frappuccino?

A simple answer to this is: No, you can’t do that. Doing that will result in a different drink altogether. The ratios of its contents are almost fixed. Baristas rarely deviate from the perfect formula derived for a cappuccino.

For example, use espresso and milk foam half and half, and you have a Macchiato! Change the ratios any other way, and you have a different drink. A cappuccino has a set ratio of 1 part espresso and four parts of steamed milk.

A Frappuccino, on the other hand, is very flexible. Change the ratios of milk, cream, or coffee, to suit your taste, and you can still name it a Frappuccino.

Do Both Drinks Contain Caffeine?

Both Cappuccino and Frappuccino have caffeine. But for, people who are intolerant to caffeine and still want to enjoy both drinks have an option.

For a Cappuccino, there is a decaf option available. The decaf version uses a decaf espresso. Beware, though, the taste and aroma of decaf are milder!

As for Frappuccino, did we mention above that Frappuccino has 19 listed variants on Starbucks’ menu? Well, many of them don’t have caffeine. For example, coffee is not added at all in the strawberry-flavored drink.

This is because Frappuccino has progressed so much in a decade that the variants added to it are as versatile as Starbucks’ menu itself. Tweak it and change it anyway, you will still end up with another variant of a Frappuccino.

Do Cappuccinos and Frappuccinos Have Their Special Coffee Types?

If you ask about cappuccino, the answer is an absolute yes. Cappuccino inherently needs an espresso shot as the base of the drink. You cannot make a cappuccino without having an espresso machine first.

Can you use filter coffee, though? Yes, you could, but the result won’t be a cappuccino.

For a Frappuccino, you’re free to use whichever coffee you want to. Don’t use coffee?

No worries. You can still make a lip-smacking Frappuccino. Got a Vietnamese coffee blend? Sure thing! Any coffee will work as long as you like it.

Finally, the Size of Each Drink!

A cappuccino is always a certain size. When you order a cappuccino, expect a small cup of coffee, usually a 150ml cup. In comparison, a Frappuccino’s small size starts at 350ml! Yeah, that’s quite a big difference right there.

Although, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the larger quantity will translate into higher caffeine content. In many cases, the caffeine content of a Frappuccino will be lower than that of a cappuccino.


Both Frappuccino and cappuccino are great drinks coming from the latte family. Both are delicious, have their distinct flavor profile, and are consumed their way.

We like the Frappuccino for its Milkshake feel and taste. Don’t get us wrong here. It is a coffee-based drink at the end of the day, but a kind of milkshake is how we can best describe it.

A cappuccino, well, is a traditional espresso drink we love to have, especially when we have some time at hand. A cup of this drink and a few minutes of rest on a chair while going through social media or aligning the tasks for the day on a morning.

In any case, you must know exactly what you’d be getting when you order one!

If you’d like to contribute ideas on how to make a better Frappuccino or cappuccino at home, let us know in the comments.

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