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Can You Make Instant Coffee With Cold Water? Here’s the Answer!

by sundhedsvagten

Do you habitually make your instant coffee with hot water? 

That is how the whole world does it, correct? Begin your day by mixing instant coffee with some hot water, and you get that instant kick of caffeine!

But what if we told you making your instant coffee with cold water is not an other-worldly thing to do?

Yes! It is normal and a great way to add some twists to start your day.

Making instant coffee with cold water is absolutely doable and pretty easy as well. Mixing instant coffee with cold water will take an extra few minutes. You get the same taste of instant coffee, apart from the freshness and taste of the freshly brewed coffee beans.

What’s the Deal with Instant Coffee and Cold Water, Anyway?

Instant coffee is something coffee lovers adore and despise at the same time. Yes, we all admit that instant coffee is not close to freshly brewed coffee in any way. This does not, however, mean that we should abandon it entirely.

There are some great recipes out there that people use with their instant coffee to give it an elevated taste. 

A simple method you can use to change your regular instant coffee is to use it with cold water and some ice cubes. 

This is the same as some folks save their leftover coffee grounds in a jar and use them to make iced coffee later.

Is it difficult, though?

It is not difficult to make instant coffee with cold water. The dissolving process may take a little longer. That is understandable since hot water dissolves everything faster than cold water.

The water, however, will eventually dissolve instant coffee. Apart from the freshness and flavor profile, instant coffee is not that different from regular coffee, so making cold instant coffee should not be a problem.

Is It Okay to Make Instant Coffee With Cold Water?

It is.

Because most coffee drinkers prefer to brew their coffee, instant coffee is usually frowned upon.

However, instant coffee is ideal for those who want a caffeine boost without the hassle of brewing or preparing hot water.

Some people confuse instant iced/cold coffee with cold brew coffee. It is essential to know that a cold brew coffee is made using the cold brewing method. This method uses regular coffee beans rather than instant coffee.

A Bit About Instant Coffee

Sometimes called soluble coffee, instant coffee is a powdered, dried, water-soluble coffee extract. When you mix instant coffee with water, you get a coffee drink right away. It was invented and patented by David strange of Invercargill, New Zealand.

Nestle, A Swiss company, further developed it, laying the groundwork for the industrial production of instant coffee. Ever had an instant cappuccino? It is one of those instant coffee products which are very popular.

Does Instant Coffee Act Differently Than Coffee Beans?

Instant coffee loses its aroma and flavor quickly when it comes into contact with oxygen and air humidity, just like normal coffee. 

For that reason, an opened package of instant coffee should be consumed within four weeks of opening.

What Is the Process of Making Instant Coffee?

Let’s break it down into three simple steps for you. Coffee beans are your normal beans that are green-colored before they are roasted.

The green coffee is roasted and grounded, which changes its color. This is followed by the extraction of the grist, which is the main essence of the coffee beans. This is where all the caffeine and other ingredients in the beans are.

After that, the liquid extract is concentrated and dried before being sold as instant coffee.

There are a few minute processes that we haven’t mentioned here. These include the addition of some synthetic substances that help instant coffee retain its flavor.

However, all in all, these are the three main steps to look at.

How Can You Make Instant Coffee Dissolve Faster?

You can make a cold cup of instant coffee for yourself by dissolving instant coffee in cold water. 

However, as previously stated, the coffee crystals can take some time to dissolve completely.

There is one way that does not involve cold water.

It may surprise some people, but you can try soaking the coffee crystals in hot water first to dissolve them.

The trick is to use only as much hot water as is necessary to dissolve the granules.

Now you can use as much cold water as you like and enjoy your cup of cold coffee as you wish and prefer.

A Simple Cold Instant Coffee Recipe We Like

It is simple to make instant cold coffee. There are two approaches you can take. One is to make it without hot water, and the second is to use hot water.

Without Hot Water:

There is no hot water involved in this method. Instant iced coffee requires the following ingredients:

  • Sugar as per your taste preferences
  • Two teaspoons instant coffee grounds
  • 250ml cold water
  • Ice Cubes

The first step is to dissolve your coffee grounds into a glass containing cold water. Stir well so that all the coffee granules dissolve completely. 

Dissolving may take some time. Also, you may use cold milk instead of cold water.

Adjust the sweetness with sugar cubes and ice cubes to taste.

To give your cold coffee enhanced taste, top it off with some chocolate or caramel syrup if you wish.

Making Cold Coffee With Hot Water:

You can make cold instant ice coffee with hot water as well. The ingredients required are as follows:

  • Instant coffee – two tablespoons
  • Hot water (not more than the needed quantity needed to dissolve coffee crystals)
  • Ice cold water (250ml)
  • Sugar as per your taste preferences
  • Ice Cubes

Combine two teaspoons of instant coffee granules with just enough hot water to dissolve them. To ensure all coffee granules have completely dissolved, give it a good stir.

Add cold water to the mixture and stir thoroughly. After that, add sugar to taste and some ice cubes. 

If you like to consume your cold coffee a bit heavy occasionally, top it off with chocolate syrup and whipped cream. This topping will add sweet flavor elements to your cold coffee.


Coffee aficionados despise instant coffee and will not speak kindly of it. However, instant coffee is a great way to get some caffeine into your busy schedule.

 Contrary to popular belief, instant coffee is made both hot and cold.

We hope that this article clarified how to combine instant coffee and cold water to make a great cup of cold coffee to enjoy at any time you like. 

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