Friday, August 5, 2022

Can You Store Hot Coffee in the Fridge? Facts Revealed.

by sundhedsvagten

You might be stalling for time until your coffee gets cooler. Well, this one is for all coffee lovers out there. Life seems so calm until you got enough time to kick off your day with a hot coffee. 

Being one of the most popular consumed drinks, coffee has numerous preparation techniques. Undoubtedly, hot coffee has the winsome taste and smell that feels unmatched in this world. The moment you sip in the hot coffee, the heat surge into your body. But, then the reality hits you when you burn your tongue, and it’s a complete hassle.

So, whilst you get ready for your work, should you be keeping your hot coffee in a fridge? 

Hot coffee in a fridge? 

Let me tell you. Yes, that does sound weird, and also tastes disastrous until the coffee container is airtight. And there’s no debate about it. Oxidation alters the flavor profile of your coffee. This is the reason you always see seal-packed coffee bean packages in a mart. 

Of course, you can keep your hot coffee in a fridge or let it sit outside with the lid off. In fact, you can leave your coffee in a fridge for like a week. However, upon reheating, it won’t savor as flavorful as freshly brewed hot java. 

Why do coffee lovers refrigerate their hot coffee?

Many of you like to have hot coffee at room temperature unless you are rushing out for your meeting. Or maybe you want to refrigerate a hot brewed coffee. Yes, it might lose its powerful aroma and taste. But I still got some ways to make your coffee less stale and bitter while you refrigerate it.

Before taking you to the bottom of this page, you should know the solution for your desired cup of coffee;

If you are a hot coffee lover and have no time constraints. You can pour yourself a hot coffee after letting it cool at room temperature. Or you may blow your coffee through a lid hole while you can enjoy it.

A hot coffee lover but have got time constraints? Well, you can either refrigerate it with some below-mentioned considerations. Or you can pour your hot coffee in a steel container so you can carry it along yourself. Reheat it over a stove under a low flame within 12 hours of preserving. Enjoy your hot brew heated up!

Well, if you drink a hot coffee after letting it cool below room temperature. Either, you can switch to a cold brew as it remains fresh for longer. Or, let it cool in a fridge for hours. Don’t attempt to add ice cubes before refrigerating it, as it will dilute the taste of your coffee.

Reheating your coffee in a microwave can develop a burnt taste and can make it stale.

How to refrigerate a hot coffee?

A spot-on caffeinated hot brew doesn’t feel the same after 30 minutes or once it’s cooled down. You can still enjoy your 3-day-old coffee if it’s preserved correctly. Here are some suggestions you should consider before storing your coffee inside a fridge.

A suitable container for your coffee 

Get yourself a suitable steel container with ceramic handles and an airtight lid. The fact that steel is a good conductor, it can easily allow heat loss.1 Also, it lacks the ability to react with aromatic compounds of coffee. Thus, keeping your coffee’s acid levels in a control.

An airtight plastic lid can save some coffee magic for you to enjoy later. It prevents your coffee from becoming bitter and darker because of oxidizing. 

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