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Will Starbucks Grind My Coffee Beans? Here’s The Answer!

by sundhedsvagten

There is no better way to get the most out of your coffee than grinding your beans. The aroma and flavor from freshly ground coffee have no competition. But what if you don’t have a coffee grinder and your food processor won’t grind coffee beans?

You don’t need to worry as there is a straightforward solution.

You can always take your coffee beans to your local Starbucks and have them grind them for you, but there are a few conditions. The coffee beans must be from Starbucks, and they must be sealed. Starbucks will not grind coffee beans of any other brand.

Starbucks is everywhere and has very high-quality coffee grinders that will make sure your coffee is ground to perfection.

What’s The Catch?

What’s in it for Starbucks is a common question that people ask when they find out that Starbucks will grind coffee free of charge.

There is a catch to it. Starbucks will grind your coffee for free, but there are some things you need to keep in mind. We have listed them below:

1.   Coffee Brand

Starbucks will not grind coffee from every brand out there. They precisely only grind coffee beans sold by Starbucks. This is perhaps the most basic requirement they have.

While it may sound like a publicity stunt to sell their coffee beans, there is a logical reason behind it.

Coffee beans vary in quality and type as well. If they were to grind other brands’ coffee as well, the oil extracts can get mixed in their grinders and might affect the taste of their coffee.

    2. A Sealed Bag

Starbucks insists that it will only grind coffee beans in a sealed bag. This is to prevent contamination.

Another reason is that an opened bag might contain small foreign objects that can affect the grind and damage the machinery.

    3. Expiry Date

This might be one of the most apparent conditions that Starbucks has.

Starbucks will not grind your coffee if it is past its expiry date.

This is because expired coffee can have a different taste, and its leftovers could potentially ruin the coffee Starbucks grinds next in that grinder.

Know Your Grind

Now that we have established the conditions under which Starbucks will grind your coffee, what type of grind will they provide?

Starbucks has a wide variety of grind options that it uses for its coffee that you can also opt for. They are briefly listed below:

1.   Coffee Press

The coffee press grind is relatively coarse and aims to produce a rich flavor with a slight bitterness. A coffee press is usually recommended if you use a french press brewing method.

    2. Pour Over

A pour-over grind is relatively fine. Therefore, it is commonly used for drip or basic pour-over brewing.

    3. Espresso

Espresso is one of the most common coffee types out there, and its grind is excellent and powderish in appearance.

If you haven’t tried it yet, we would recommend it. Espresso grind is generally used by people who have an espresso machine at work or home.

    4. Turkish

Turkish grind is one of the most increasingly popular grind types right now.

A Turkish grind is the finest possible grind for coffee and gives you a very strong taste that is distinct in comparison to regular forms of coffee.

Why Doesn’t Starbucks Grind Coffee Beans of Other Brands?

The answer to this seems pretty obvious: Starbucks wants you to buy more of the Starbucks coffee, so it does not grind coffee beans of other brands. However, there is a solid reason behind this policy of Starbucks.

Starbucks firmly believes in reputation and delivering quality to the customers. So anything that goes out of the Starbucks store must be of the perfect quality that satisfies the customer.

Starbucks does not take responsibility for others’ coffee beans.

If Starbucks grind local coffee beans and the customer does not like the taste, they could assume that Starbucks did not grind the coffee beans properly, blaming Starbucks. Therefore, to avoid this situation, Starbucks only grinds Starbucks coffee beans.


Starbucks coffee is popular across the world. This is one of the leading reasons why people buy coffee beans. So if you’re someone that buys Starbucks coffee beans to get the same flavor of coffee at home, you should get your coffee ground by Starbucks as well.

Starbucks has a few conditions attached if you’re going to get your coffee beans ground from Starbucks. These mainly include that the coffee beans must be from Starbucks, the beans bag must be sealed, and the coffee beans must not be expired.

Starbucks provides four different types of grinds: the coffee press, pour-over, espresso, and Turkish grind.

Will Starbucks Grind My Coffee At All Times?

Starbucks defines no real-time criteria for this. However, we recommend that you go in off-hours when the baristas are not as busy. This will save you the time of having to wait longer and make it more convenient for them.

Does Starbucks Have A Universal Grind?

Yes, Starbucks offers a universal grind as well. This is the grind that they use in their pour-over coffee at stores. The universal grind is designed to deliver the best flavor and aroma possible.

Which Grind Is the Best?

There is no definitive answer to this question. It completely depends on how you prefer your cup of coffee. For example, if you lean towards a strong cup of coffee, you might want a finer grind such as Turkish and vice versa.

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