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Does Flavored Coffee Have Calories? Here’s the Answer!

by Mads

Increased intake of carbohydrates and high-calorie sugars can cause obesity. Other than this, it can also lead to cardiac diseases and diabetes.

It is a genuine concern for people who consume coffee every day, whether their flavored coffees contain calories or not. Flavored coffees help people get their extra kick in the morning but do you think it’s worth it?

Regular flavored beverages generally contain a vast amount of sugars, sweeteners, artificial flavors, and syrups, which contribute a significant amount of calories to your daily diet.

Flavored coffee does not contain any calories as it’s flavored with natural and synthetic sugar. The calories are added to the drink during the roasting process for building the final taste of the brewed coffee. However, adding any additional ingredients such as syrups and creams can increase the number of calories in your flavored coffee.

Most of the flavors are added through vanilla, cocoa beans, and the different berries and nuts. Natural spices such as cinnamon were used to create the taste for the other flavors.

What is Flavored Coffee

Coffee lovers love to explore new aromas and tastes in their coffee. You can easily enjoy new tastes now without any additional sugar or chemicals. All the flavors in flavored coffees are purely natural and without preservatives.

You can use any natural ingredient for the flavors ranging from chocolate, vanilla, nuts to orange, turmeric, and cinnamon.

Flavored coffees help you enhance the flavors of your daily coffee and make drinking coffee an enjoyable experience.

Types of Flavored Coffee

There are two types of flavored coffee that you can use to add flavor to make your cup extra special.

Flavored Coffee beans

Flavored coffee is when the coffee beans are coated or sprayed with flavor made in labs, primarily using natural ingredients and flavors. When the flavor creating process is completed, the flavor is diluted and coated on the coffee beans.

Sometimes, flavored coffee is used to conceal the quality of the coffee beans. Therefore, whenever you buy flavored coffee, make sure that you check the quality of the beans.

Added Flavors

Added flavor is when you add the flavor to your already brewed coffee. The coffee beans in this are not altered with flavor or anything. The flavors added are usually store-bought syrups and powdered flavors. These flavors are also prepared in the labs, just like flavored coffee.

Does Flavored Coffee Have Zero Calories

Flavored coffee is not zero-calorie or calorie-free. Black coffee particularly has around 1 to 5 calories per 8 ounces cup.

Whenever you add flavor syrup into your coffee, it increases your calories per cup. Likewise, adding flavored creamers also tends to add more calories.

If you’re using the coffee-flavored beans, then they do not generally contribute to any additional calories that you would have to worry about.

Is Flavored unhealthy?

Flavored coffee is not considered a healthy option for many reasons. It is also considered a fake and cheaper version of the original coffee.

The effects of flavored coffee and added flavor to your coffee is as follows:

Flavored Coffee Effects

Flavored coffee beans contain a chemical called propylene glycol. This is a harmful chemical that is used for antifreeze. In addition, the chemical is used as a bonding agent so that the flavors remain intact with the beans.

It is known to cause problems to your respiratory systems in the body. But this chemical is dangerous because of the prolonged contact with the chemical during the production process. When you consume it in a cup, the effects are diluted.

It would be best if you did not consume too much-flavored coffee beans to avoid any adverse effects on your body and any harmful reaction.

Added Flavor Effects

Added flavors do not contain any strong chemicals compared to the flavored coffee beans for production, but they are still not very healthy. The ingredients are always mentioned on the package.

Added flavors contain high amounts of sugar. The amount of sugar in a single cup of your coffee with added flavors is almost equivalent to eating 31 strawberries. Excessive intake of sugar can lead to :

  • High blood pressure
  • Weight gain
  • Diabetes
  • Liver disease
  • Inflammation
  • Brain tumors
  • Heart stroke

Is Flavored Coffee a Cover-Up For Bad Quality Coffee Beans?

As much as we would like to tell you that it is not true, unfortunately, this is the bitter truth in many cases.

Many sellers use this technique to mask the bad quality coffee beans and deceive customers into buying those by covering up the beans with flavors.

It is a cheap tactic that many people use to buy the cheapest quality coffee beans and coat them up with flavor to sell at the same cost as the other coffee beans.

Therefore, it is advised that you should look out for any such bad quality beans whenever you buy flavored coffee.


Flavored coffee generally does not contain any additional calories. However, the calories are increased when you add any additional flavor syrup after the coffee is brewed or any other ingredient such as creams or steamed milk.

Flavored coffee is used to enhance the taste of your coffee and make it more interesting to drink.

There are two types of flavored coffee; flavored coffee beans, the added flavor, which comes in syrups, and powdered flavors.

Flavored coffee beans contain a harsh chemical called propylene glycol, considered highly harmful when consumed in large amounts. Other than that, added flavors contain large amounts of sugar, which are also unhealthy.,Coffee%20(made%20From%20Ground)

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