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Vienna Roast: Everything You Need to Know!

by sundhedsvagten

Vianna roast or Viennese roast falls under the category of dark roast. The roast has a dark brown color, a heavy body, and some oil on the surface of the beans. It has a bitter-sweet flavor with notes of dark chocolate.

The Vienna roast is one of the most challenging types of roast, and it requires great skill to master this roast. If the roast is finished seconds earlier, no oil will appear, and if you roast it a few seconds longer than the required time, it will result in too much oil on the surface of the beans.

Among the common dark roasts, the French, Vienna, and Italian, the Vienna roast is the lightest roast of the three.

Why Does Roast Matter?

Roasting means heating the coffee beans and bringing out the various characteristics and flavors.

The length of time determines the coffee’s roast levels which ultimately determines the taste of the coffee. The three roast levels include light, medium, and dark roast. The longer the beans are roasted, the more dark and intense the roasts.

Darker roasts have more oil on the surface and a heavier body with a less acidic taste than lighter roasts.

The Vienna roast is a type of dark roast and produces a rich cup of coffee.

What Does Vienna Roast Taste Like?

The Vienna roast has hints of dark chocolate flavor with a smoky aroma.

Vienna roast brings out the hidden flavors in most other roasts, especially the American roast.

The longer the coffee beans are roasted, the likely they are to lose their original flavors.

If you want to enjoy a dark roast with the original flavors, then Vienna roast is an excellent option for you because it does not lose its authentic taste.

Where Do Vienna Beans Come From?

Unlike the other beans, the Vienna beans do not originate from Vienna or Austria. The Vienna coffee beans are not grown in Vienna or even roasted and not even necessarily a famous consumption of this coffee roast.

The roast is just named Vienna to identify a dark roast that is roasted particularly just before the second crack.

Which Roast is Better? French, Italian or Vienna?

All the different types of roasts, be it French, Italian or Vienna, are good on their own. After that, it just depends on your taste preference and liking of a particular kind of roast.

Your taste in coffee can depend on the following few factors:

  • The type of roast you like
  • The flavors that you prefer
  • The brewing method of your coffee
  • Any additional ingredients that you would like to add

So it all depends on your personal choice of what you like and what you don’t.

Here‘s some brief information for the french and Italian roast.

French Roast

The french roasted coffee beans are also dark roasted coffee beans, but these are roasted for a slightly longer time than the Vienna roast. These are roasted till the end of the second crack in the beans.

French roast beans are also dark in color, and the flavors are rich and smokey but with less acidity than the Vienna roast.

Many coffee drinkers say that the french roast has a slightly burnt taste.

Italian Roast

The Italian roast is the darkest roast among all the other dark roasts. It is roasted for such a long time that the origin of the coffee beans is barely even observable.

The Italian roast beans are so dark that the color is almost black with a bit of a burnt taste. The Italian roast beans are also one of the oiliest.

What Is the Best Way To Use Vienna Roast?

As the Vienna roast is dark, the long roasting process loses all the moisture. Therefore, the Vienna roast is easy to grind because of the consistency, unlike most light roasts, such as the blonde roast.

The Vienna roast is best suited for a cold brew. However, you can also add milk to the Vienna coffee roast to soften the bitter overtones in this roast.


The Vienna roast, also known as the Viennese roast, is a dark roast. The flavors are bitter-sweet with hints of dark chocolate.

Vienna roast is the lightest roast among the dark roast categories. The roasts of coffee beans are of significant importance because it is the roasting process that determines the taste and characteristics of your coffee.

Even though the name says Vienna roast, the roast is not originated from Vienna but is just named to identify a particular type of coffee beans

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