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Nescafe Vs. Nespresso: What’s the Difference?

by Mads

Nestle and Nespresso are both coffee brewing machines that make a good cup of coffee.

In case you’re wondering, Nescafe and Nespresso, although they belong to the same parent company “Nestle,” are quite different and serve different needs.

If you’re a coffee enthusiast and want to decide which coffee machine to buy, this is the right article.

Both Nescafe and Nespresso will be analyzed with great depth, and the two machines will be compared so that you can decide which machine suits you the best and help you make an informed decision with a good value for your money.

Is Nespresso the same as Nescafe?

The two coffee-making brands Nespresso vs. Nescafe may seem similar, but in reality, they aim to serve different needs.

Nespresso and dolce gusto (nescafe) are not the same. They have entirely different capsule systems. For example, the Nespresso machine specializes in producing coffee blends, whereas the Nescafe machine is not just for making coffee but can also be used for making several different beverages.

The capsules for both machines are not compatible. This means you cannot use the Nespresso capsules in Nescafe or vice versa.

Below is a detailed description of both the machines and their key differences.

What Is a Nespresso Machine? Everything You Need to Know About

Nespresso is a coffee brewing machine that serves from single pods. From the Nespresso machine using the capsules, you can make any espresso-based beverage such as a latte, cappuccino, etc.

The Nespresso machine has two models, and since there are two separate machine versions for Nespresso, the capsules for both machines are also different.

1.   Nespresso Original

This is the original machine of Nespresso and is only espresso-based. This means you can only make espresso beverages from this machine.

  • Nespresso Original Capsules

Nespresso provides the capsules for this machine in many various blends and flavors. Interestingly, there are Nespresso compatible capsules also available by other brands that can easily be used in this machine.

This makes a wide variety of capsules available for the original line.

2.   Nespresso Vertuo

This line offers more variety than the original one. You can use this machine to make espresso as well as coffee.

Moreover, the Nespresso Vertuo is quite sleek and modern as well.

  • Nespresso Vertuo Capsules

The capsules for this machine are limited to the Nespresso-made capsules only.

As this machine is a relatively new version, the compatible capsules by other brands haven’t been produced yet. But you can expect compatible ones sometime soon.

What Is a Nescafe Machine (Dolce Gusto)? Everything You Need to Know About

Nescafe (Dolce Gusto) is also a coffee brewing machine of Nestle’s famous and reputable brand and uses a single serving pod.

The Nescafe machine is famously known for its versatility. It can make several beverages other than espresso, such as coffee, hot chocolate, teas, etc. In addition, it can make up to 20-30 different drinks.

This machine offers you an option to customize the size of your beverage cups. You also can switch between the temperatures of hot or cold depending on your beverage.

There are several different models of this machine. The first model was Melody, launched in 2006 but has now gone through several upgrades. The most well-known models are:

  1. Esperta

In Esperta, the reservoir capacity is 60 oz, and the machine has a scroll wheel for switching between hot and cold.

  1. Genio

In genio, the reservoir capacity is relatively less than Esperta. Its capacity is 45 oz. It has a toggle instead of a scroll wheel to switch between the drinks’ hot and cold temperatures.

Differences Between Nespresso & Nescafe Machines

For you to select the right kind of machine depending upon your needs and preferences, the table below highlights some common differences between the two machines:

  Nespresso Nescafe (Dolce Gusto)
Special features Production of pure coffee blends and brewing espresso The versatility of brewing up to 30 different beverages from the same machine
Price Nespresso machines are quite expensive Nescafe machines are cheaper
Availability of capsules Not widely available Widely available
Capsules per box 10 in a box with high prices Option of 8, 13, or 32 capsules
Ease of use Complex Simple
Models Two models Several models available
Milk frothing Available in the expensive model Not available in any model
Customization of cup sizes Only small cup Two sizes, big and small cup
Taste of espresso Intense and authentic Not as intense

Which Is Better? Nespresso Vs. Nescafe

Nespresso and Nescafe are both, no doubt, great brewing machines. Moreover, they both aim to offer the customer an exceptional coffee experience, but the differences are pretty obvious.

Nespresso machines are of the higher end than Nescafe (Dolce Gusto) machines.

The functions are more advanced, and the designs are more sleek, classic, and modern, whereas the Nescafe machine models are all very similar in functions even though there are several.

Final Thoughts? Which Coffee Machine Should You Choose?

When deciding which coffee machine you should choose, you should be very clear about your machine use.

If you’re looking to buy something affordable for everyday use in the kitchen, then you should go for the Nescafe Dolce Gusto machine.

It is a great coffee machine for family use as it provides a wide variety of drinks and beverages. For example, you can make coffee and tea for yourself, whereas the children can also use it for hot chocolate.

The only problem with the Nescafe machine is the lack of freshness due to powdered milk and sugar.

On the other hand, if you’re a true coffee enthusiast and want to enjoy the authentic taste of Nespresso and coffee, then Nespresso is the suitable machine for you.

If you’re looking to buy a coffee brewing machine for your office and don’t want to compromise on the taste and freshness to maintain an excellent corporate image, then you should opt for the Nespresso machine.’re%20looking,%2C%20 they’re%20not%20similar.

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