Friday, August 5, 2022

Can You Put Hot Coffee in Glass? [ANSWERED]

by sundhedsvagten

Yes, you can drink your coffee in glass mugs. In fact, you should use glass coffee mugs instead of one-time-use plastic cups.

The need for glass arrived when it was scientifically proved that glass not only outplays plastic in looks. But has zero side effects when compared to plastic. On the contrary, plastic calls for drastic effects on health and the environment.

Can you put hot coffee in a glass? If yes, then why?

You should keep all types of beverages in a glass, not just coffee, especially when it’s being compared with plastic material.

There are many reasons not to drink coffee in plastic. However, glass is non-hazardous for coffee use. You can also use mason coffee jars to store coffee to keep the flavor profile unaffected.

Why should you drink coffee in a glass and not plastic?

  • Plastic cups are meant for single use. The glass is recyclable with just a single wash after having your drink from it.
  • Plastic contaminates your drink by petrochemicals, and it’s even more harmful if the plastic contains BPA, an industrial chemical. BPA tends to act like estrogen in the human body and can affect genetic fertility and the immune system. However, glass remains unreacted and doesn’t leach any impurity or toxic particles.
  • Glass can be recycled and have a longer use than plastics. 
  • Glass has amazing sustainability and saves you from buying a new cup every other day. 
  • Plastic doesn’t look as great as glass. With glass, the sight looks more appealing and mouth-watering.
  • Glass can save you money as well as can be cleaned easily. Unlike plastics, they don’t leave stains.
  • Glass is eco-friendly and durable. Thus, glass doesn’t produce unnecessary waste. Check out this glass mug for a healthy experience.

Does coffee taste better in glass?

Yes, it tastes amazing and better than a coffee in plastic. And guess what? It even tastes better in a ceramic mug than in glass.

Well, plastic is not even an option either way. The contamination introduces hazardous chemicals that worsen the taste of coffee.

On the contrary, glass is made from all non-reactive compounds, thus making your drink taste as fresh as possible. It will keep your beverage hotter/cooler for longer.

However, ceramic outstand all types of materials. Your coffee will have the same taste profile for a longer period of time. 

Since ceramic retains heat better than glass, your coffee will stay warmer.

Maybe, the latte tastes so neutral and specific with its taste notes because it’s been traditionally served in a glass. However, cappuccino is traditionally enjoyed in a ceramic mug.


You should use glass coffee mugs for the many reasons discussed above. You can play it safe with glass by reusing it for a longer period, and it definitely saves you money.

It’s better that you store coffee in glass mugs instead of plastic. Not even a Styrofoam. 

However, ceramic (crystalline glass) can maintain your coffee temperature for a longer period than glass. 

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