Saturday, September 30, 2023

How Does Starbucks Filter Their Water?

by Mads

Wondering how does Starbucks filters their water? One main thing that can trigger this kind of question is if you have tasted Starbucks water and noticed how great it is. Do you want to know what makes it so? This article will answer just that!

Starbucks’s Water Filtration System

Starbucks’s water filtration system is the open secret behind the safer water used by Starbucks to make coffee. This filtration process helps get rid of fluoride or any contaminants that may emerge present in the water through a triple filtered reverse osmosis system. 

This system effectively eliminates debris and contaminants from the water. So, you are safe if you prefer to take a glass of water instead of a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

How Does Starbucks’s Water Filtration System Work?

As already been mentioned, the water filtration system that Starbucks uses is a triple filtered reverse osmosis system (3-stage RO).

There are three main filtration systems. These include the 3-stage RO, the sediment system, and the carbon system.

The 3-stage RO comes with a unique membrane made from a TFC (thin film composite). Chlorine can easily degrade the TFC due to how it’s semi-permeable. So, it is best to filter the chlorine before it reaches the membrane.

To filter out chlorine to keep the membrane from getting degraded, a carbon filter is used. Nevertheless, this filter must also be protected. This is where a sediment pre-filter comes in.

The triple water filtration system

Below are the stages of the 3-stage RO system:

Stage 1·         The pre-filtration stage
·         Suspended matter such as rust, silt, dirt, etc., is removed by a sediment filter from the water
·         It helps improve the taste and appearance of water
·         It helps safeguard the carbon filter from getting degraded.
Stage 2·         It filters out chlorine and other chemicals
·         It uses a carbon filter that activates the carbon
·         The carbon filter helps remove chlorine and chloramines
·         The carbon filter prepares the water for the final process
Stage 3·         Organic and inorganic compounds are removed from the water through the reverse osmosis membrane.
·         The reverse osmosis membrane helps remove heavy metals, fluoride, or waste 
·         This stage reduces the TDS ( Total Dissolved Solids) in water to an impressive micron of 1/10,000 (0.0001).


By now, you should have been cleared on the question “how does Starbucks filter their water?”. If you have tasted the water, you will know how great it is, but if you have not, you may want to get a glass to taste it yourself.

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