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What is Panama Geisha Coffee? (Quick Guide)

by Mads

Even though not quite famous for its coffee beans, the Panama region produces the world’s most expensive coffee known as the Panama Geisha coffee.

Panama Geisha coffee, also known as the geisha coffee, is a high-end specialty coffee with a unique taste. It is one of the most expensive coffees and of the highest quality in the region of Panama.

The Panama geisha coffee is grown in the western region of Chiriqui province in Panama.

It is brewed from Arabica coffee beans, one of the finest in quality.

What Is Panama Geisha Coffee?

Geisha coffee was discovered in 2004 when some plants were noted to be different.

The cherries of these plants were previously being mixed with other plants, but it was not until 2004 that these were processed separately.

This created something unique and something that you would call a happy accident.

As this became widely famous, different regions worldwide started to cultivate their geisha beans.

Geisha coffee around the world

  • Bolivian Geisha
  • Colombia
  • Honduran Geisha
  • Costa Rican Geisha
  • Ethiopian Geisha
  • Panama Geisha

The flavor of these different beans varies greatly. Among these geisha coffee beans, the Panama geisha coffee turned into an all-around excellent top-quality coffee.

How Does Panama Geisha Coffee Look Like?

Geisha coffee beans are very easy to identify based on a few factors

  1. Tall structure with long branches
  2. Smooth and elongated leaves
  3. Umbrella shape or flat top

Apart from Geisha’s unusual flavor, a few physical factors also help in differentiating from other coffee beans.

What Does Panama Geisha Coffee Taste Like?

The Panama geisha coffee has its own unique taste. The coffee has a combination of floral and some fruity notes creating a class of its own. 

The hints of citrus bergamot create a mild level of acidity, and the honey has a perfect level of sweetness.

The taste of the coffee itself is very sharp, somewhat bitter.

The Panama geisha coffee has a perfect blend of all these flavors and notes. The fruity notes consist of the following:

  • Berries
  • Mango
  • Papaya
  • Mandarin oranges
  • Peach
  • Guava

Other hints in the flavor include:

  • Vanilla
  • Jasmine
  • Lime
  • Bergamot

The coffee has a lingering aftertaste which is quite unusual. The after-taste is more of the bergamot.

Why Is Panama Geisha Coffee So Expensive?

The Panama Geisha coffee is costly. An average cup of Panama geisha coffee costs around three to four times more than a regular coffee cup.

The Panama geisha coffee is extremely expensive due to the distinctive cultivating conditions required for the coffee beans. Consequently, only a limited amount of these geisha coffee beans can be grown every year.

Due to this limitation, only a few suppliers can get their hands on this coffee. Therefore, the coffee cafes have to bid to get the coffee. The ever-increasing demand and the low supply also account for this coffee’s rising price.

The price of the coffee ranges from $9 to $18 per cup.

How to Make Panama Geisha Coffee?

The Panama geisha coffee isn’t just an ordinary coffee, so the method of brewing this coffee will not be typical either.

You’re already spending a lot on the Panama geisha coffee, but all the money can go to waste if the result is not the most remarkable cup of coffee. So to brew the perfect cup of Geisha coffee requires special care and attention.

1. Store with care

It is pretty essential to store your geisha coffee in an airtight jar or container. The coffee beans tend to deteriorate if not taken care of.

2. Grind carefully

When brewing a premium coffee like the Panama geisha coffee, take the grinding process seriously. 

Only use the exact amount required and use a good coffee grinder. Keep it to a medium grind to ensure perfect consistency

Too rough or too fine means a compromise on your cup of coffee quality.

3. Ratios are important

The general ratio of coffee to water is approximately 17g or 0.6oz of coffee grounds for every 300 ml or 10. oz. However, you can change these ratios according to your taste depending on how strong or weak you prefer your coffee.

Try making an effort to measure the amounts of coffee grounds and water you use as you experiment with it according to your taste.

4. Keep a check for temperature.

When brewing Panama geisha coffee, make sure that the water isn’t too hot. Avoid boiling hot water at all costs as it can burn the coffee grounds, which will create a strong bitter taste in your coffee.

The best way is to let your hot water cool off slightly before adding it to your coffee grounds.

5. Use filtered water

Always use filtered water for the Panama Geisha coffee to obtain the best possible result. 

Filtered water accounts for a significant difference in your coffee.

6. Keep it simple

You don’t want to spoil your premium coffee by adding any additives such as syrups, creams, or anything. Additives tend to ruin the flavor of this coffee.


The Panama geisha coffee is a premium high-end coffee. The unique cultivation methods required and the limited supply make this coffee extremely expensive.

Geisha coffee is cultivated worldwide, but the best quality is Panama Geisha coffee.

The Panama geisha coffee can be easily identified through visible physical differences from other plants.

The unique Panama geisha coffee requires special brewing conditions to create the best quality Panama geisha coffee at home.

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