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What is Geisha Coffee? (Complete Guide)

by Mads

Did you just hear about Geisha coffee, or have you heard from all directions about how great it is? 

Geisha has got coffee aficionados raving about it. It has got coffee enthusiasts so excited to try it that they’re willing to pay upwards of $75 for a cup of Geisha!

If you have ever wanted to try a cup of Geisha coffee but were unsure what it tastes like and where to get your hands on it, you’re in the right place. Read on, as, in this article, we shed some light on the topic of Geisha or Gesha, a coffee bean that has taken the world of coffee by storm lately.

Geisha, also spelled Gesha, is one of the most sought-after coffees in the world. It was discovered in Ethiopia, which is known to be the oldest storehouse for various Arabica coffee. It is said that in the 1930s British, along with trading other goods, spread it to multiple places around the world. Geisha is believed to reach its now considered hometown, Panama, around the 1960s. 

Geisha coffee is well known for its distinct taste and aroma and its price point, which is way higher than a normal coffee. Connoisseurs have described it as something, the likes of which they have never tasted.

They describe the coffee aroma comparable to perfume, with rose, bergamot, and Jasmine notes.

Authentic Geisha coffee is extremely hard to get your hands on; even the most upscale coffee houses worldwide bid for the finest of Geisha. Coffee lovers have even paid upwards of $75 for a cup of Geisha coffee.

So why is this coffee so expensive? What makes this coffee so unique, and what is the reason for the buzz around Geisha that is unheard of for any other varieties of coffee. Read on as we shed some light on this for you.

What does the process of growing Geisha look like?

Geisha coffee beans grow in a particular area of Panama, where the buzz about this coffee bean first started in 2004. Grown on the tallest mountains in Panama, growers have perfected the procedure of growing Geisha over the years.

The plant of Geisha coffee is the main distinguishing factor that sets it apart from all other coffee varieties. The Cherry produced has features not possessed by other coffee varieties.

The mountain in Panama where these coffee beans grow is the Volcan Baru Mountain. Producers prefer to hand-pick the cherries to ensure that only adequately ripe cherries are plucked. 

After they dry the cherries for eight days or until the optimal humidity level has been achieved, they take it to the next step: roasting. Once perfectly roasted, these one-of-a-kind coffee beans are ready to be brewed.

Where else in the world is Geisha grown?

With globalization at its peak, growers from various coffee-producing regions have given a go at growing their Geisha. Some known plantations are:

1. Ethiopian Geisha

This variety has common notes of Violets, honey, and blackcurrant, but they can also have more exotic notes like lime. The profile of Ethiopian Geisha is floral/herby in general, and it is sometimes described as “grassy.”

2. Colombia

Colombian Geishas have a little weaker aroma than other Geishas. Notes of caramel and tangerine are dominant.

3. Honduras Geisha

In comparison to other Geishas, Honduran Geishas have a more herbal flavor but a less fruity taste. They have typical flavor notes, including chocolate, vanilla, hazelnut, and honey melon.

4. Panamanian Geisha

Geisha from Panama is the most popular among coffee connoisseurs. It is known to have exotic and familiar notes of various fruity and floral tones. Panamanian Geisha has the flavor profile that will dazzle you!

It has notes of Violets, Peach, Mango, bergamot, blueberry, and passion fruit, and a distinct perfume-like aroma, which blew the minds of the judges at Best coffee auction, Panama. 

Its lightness sets it apart from the majority of non-Geisha coffee. The texture of Geisha is known to be soft/gentle even when brewed rather strongly.

What sets Geisha apart from all other Coffee beans?

Invariably, it is the taste. It is considered to be top quality. Do not expect any coffee to come even close to Geisha in taste. 

The internationally recognized body for all coffee-related matters, SCA (specialty coffee association), has got the point system where they give a flavor score out of 100 to each coffee variety. Producers and buyers alike accept this system as a benchmark as it takes major varieties into account.

Geisha has scored a Maximum of 94.1 points out of 100 based on that system. What else could be a perfect tribute to the top-notch quality and flavor of Geisha Coffee?

How expensive is Geisha?

Geisha is not very easy to plant because of its need for specific environmental conditions.

It requires a particular altitude to grow, and photosynthesis up there is inefficient, limiting the time harvesters have to harvest the beans. 

That being said, only a limited quantity of the highest quality of Geisha is produced in the whole world. This coffee has got so much buzz around it that demand always outclasses supply.

The most expensive coffee in the world was a Geisha from the Lamastus Family Estates in Boquete, Panama, which cost $803 per pound. The record was beaten again in July 2019 by the same producer, but this time at a far higher price of a whopping $1029 per pound!

It is all about demand.

The reason for the higher price of Geisha is not so much about the cost of producing Geisha beans. The real reason for higher prices is the demand for the finest varieties, which is well beyond the supply grown annually. 

In Panama, you can have a cup of Geisha for $9, but in cities like Dubai, expect it to cost you $60 or more.

Yes, you can Google “Geisha coffee for sale,” but do expect to receive other hybrid variants or cheap Geisha with synthetic flavors. These may be cheap but not worth the time and money you spend on them.

Should you make an effort to get a cup of Geisha Coffee?

Our answer to this would be, absolutely YES, you should. If you are passionate about coffee, you must have it once in your lifetime. The flavors and undertones of this coffee have made people rush to get just a few grams of it from stores.

There is no coffee in the world with the same texture, aroma, and smooth silk appearance as Geisha.

But that’s just us. Try it for yourself and let us know what you think. We hope that by reading this article, you now know all the important facts about Geisha coffee.

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