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What Is Breakfast Blend Coffee? Here’s the Answer!

by Mads

For all those searching for the right kind of coffee for breakfast, this one is for you. Don’t go over the literal meaning, but yeah, it’s partially correct. And I am sure this one is the perfect match if you want to have something lightly roasted and flavorful for your morning kick.

What Is Breakfast Blend Coffee?

Breakfast blend coffee is the mixture of light to medium roasted coffee beans to give a balanced sweet and citrus flavor. The mild roast pleases you with a smooth and flavorful morning kick. In short, the breakfast blend coffee is perfect to start your day with.

Why Is It Called a Breakfast Blend?

Earlier I said you don’t need to rush into the literal meaning. Well, this is what I mean,

The breakfast blend is made from lightly roasted coffee beans, which gives the right acidic kick to start your day with. However, this can be your all-day drink if you are a fan of more straightforward and strong blend coffee.

What Is Breakfast Blend Made From?

Breakfast blend coffee primarily consists of Columbian and Brazilian beans to give a balanced taste. However, most of the breakfast blend flavors are made by adding Indonesian and Central American coffee to enhance the acidic strength of the coffee.

However, each of them is rich in flavor, but brands out there introduce more flavors to a breakfast blend. This is why the coffee notes and flavors differ from brand to brand.

Breakfast Blend Coffee; Flavor Profile

Breakfast blend coffee tastes more like a fruity, smooth flavored coffee. The bright acidity makes the coffee perfect for what it has been named for. However, it’s a bit weak and watery due to the lighter roast. 

How Is It Different From Donut Shop Coffee?

Many factors distinguish breakfast blends from other coffees. For example, the short roasting period, smooth tasting notes, and light color make it unique in its purpose.

However, it’s mostly considered similar to donut shop coffee. Both of them are rich in flavor and perfect for a morning kick. But, it can be distinguished as follows.

Breakfast Blend CoffeDonut Shop Coffee
Light roast blendSlightly more roasted
Tastes smooth and weakTastes strong and bold
Amazing aftertaste effect.No aftertaste effect
Not paired with any sweet snack such as donuts and pastries.The coffee is usually served with donuts
High caffeine contentIt has lower caffeine content than the breakfast blend.
More acidic in nature.Less acidic.
An ideal breakfast blend is made from Brazillian and Columbian coffeeMade from Arabica beans.

How to Make Breakfast Blend at Home?

There is no hard and fast recipe for morning blend coffee. 

You will need to have two to three light to medium roasts. Get yourself packets of Half City roast(light roast) along with City, regular roast(medium roast) from any supermarket. And you are all set to make yourself a perfect morning cup of joe.

New England Roast is a common name for Half City roast.

You may also find City roast referred to as American roast in the stores. Now that you have the right roasts for the morning blend let’s make it by following these steps.

  • Put the coffee mixture in a roaster.
  • Allow it to roast as light as possible. The standard temperature for light roasting is not more than 365 to 401 Fahrenheit (205 °C). 
  • Sift the blend into a bowl and add milk into it.
  • Stir for 3-5minutes.
  • Ready to serve.

You can also brew breakfast blends at home without using a machine. It is as simple as pouring hot and boiled water from the kettle into a cup containing a desired amount of coffee. Stir the mixture and let the grounds settle down. 

It’s important to have the right kind of knowledge of coffee roasts to pick the right one for a homemade breakfast blend. So, try to give this a good read.

Is Breakfast Blend Less Caffeinated?

There is 75 to 150 mg of caffeine in a standard breakfast blend K-cup(coffee cartridge). However, this is not definitive, as different brands of breakfast blends contain different amounts of light/medium roasts.

Interestingly, many of us think dark coffee to be the strongest blend and largely caffeinated. It’s because the light blend coffee tastes more balanced and mild in nature.

However, the truth is, the lighter the roast, the stronger the coffee. That means the breakfast blend will be more acidic, high mass, and caffeinated than the dark blend coffee. 

Arabica beans morning blends boast a caffeine content of about 1.2%, while robusta beans have approximately 2.2% of caffeine per cup.

Breakfast Blend Coffee Brands

Here are some breakfast blends you should try out for a more promising experience.

  • Starbucks Breakfast blend 
  • Green mountain breakfast blend
  • Folgers Breakfast Blend 
  • Keurig K-cups Breakfast Blend
  • Melitta Coffee Breakfast Blend

Final Thoughts

Breakfast Blend coffee is the perfect drink to be enjoyed before or during breakfast. However, it is not just for breakfast. The brightly acidic and mild coffee notes can be savored all day long.

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