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The Perfect Shot: Understanding Coffee Measurements

by Mads

The Perfect Shot: Understanding Coffee Measurements

As a coffee lover, you know that a good shot is the foundation of a perfect cup of coffee. But do you know how much coffee you’re actually putting in your cup? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at coffee measurements and why they matter.

What is a Shot of Coffee?

A shot of coffee, also known as an espresso shot, is a concentrated form of coffee that is made by forcing hot water through finely ground coffee beans. A shot of coffee is typically measured in ounces or milliliters (ml), depending on where you are in the world.


In the US, a shot of coffee is typically one ounce, or 30 ml. In Europe and Australia, however, it’s more common to use a two-ounce shot, or 60 ml.

Why Do Coffee Measurements Matter?

Now that you know what a shot of coffee is, why does it matter how much you use? The answer lies in the balance of flavors in your cup.


When you brew coffee, you’re extracting different compounds from the beans that give it its unique flavor profile. If you use too little coffee, your cup may be weak or watery. On the other hand, if you use too much coffee, your cup may be bitter or overpowering.

By using the right amount of coffee, you can achieve a balanced and flavorful cup every time. That’s why it’s important to understand coffee measurements and be precise when making your coffee.

How to Measure Coffee

There are a few different ways to measure coffee, depending on your equipment and personal preference. Here are three common methods:

1. Using a Scale – Using a kitchen scale is the most accurate way to measure your coffee. Simply weigh out the desired amount of coffee beans before grinding.

2. Using a Measuring Scoop – Measuring scoops are a quick and easy way to measure your coffee. One level scoop is typically around 10 grams of coffee, but this can vary depending on the scoop size.


3. Using a Measuring Cup – If you’re making coffee for a crowd, you may want to use a measuring cup to measure out the desired amount of coffee. One cup of coffee typically requires around two tablespoons of coffee grounds.

The Perfect Coffee Ratio

So, what is the perfect coffee ratio? The answer is that it depends on your personal taste and the equipment you’re using. However, a good starting point is to use a ratio of 1:2 – that is, one part coffee to two parts water.

For example, if you’re using a two-ounce shot, you would use 14 grams of coffee and 28 ml of water. If you’re using a one-ounce shot, you would use seven grams of coffee and 14 ml of water.


You may need to adjust this ratio depending on your taste preferences and the strength of your beans. Experiment with different ratios until you find the perfect balance for your cup.


In conclusion, understanding coffee measurements is an essential part of making a great cup of coffee. By using the right amount of coffee and water, you can achieve a balanced and flavorful shot every time. Whether you’re using a scale, a measuring scoop, or a measuring cup, be precise and experiment with different ratios to find your perfect shot. Happy brewing!


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