Thursday, December 7, 2023

Perfect Milk Ratio for Latte!

by Mads

The Perfect Milk Ratio for Latte – Get The Best Brew Every Time

Coffee lovers know the true joy of a perfectly brewed latte. A creamy and smooth blend of strong espresso and frothy milk can make any day better. But, when it comes to getting the right milk ratio for a latte, it can be a little tricky. Don’t worry, though – we have you covered with this comprehensive guide.

Why Milk Ratio Matters for Your Latte?

When it comes to a latte, the milk is an essential component. It is the ingredient that makes a latte creamy and smooth. The ratio of milk to espresso determines how creamy and thick the drink will be. The milk ratio in a latte can affect the taste, texture and overall enjoyment of the drink. Thus, it is essential to get the milk ratio right for a perfect cup!

How Much Milk for 1 Latte?

For making one latte at home, the standard milk ratio is 1:3. That is, one shot of espresso and three parts of milk. A beginner barista should aim for this ratio to make good lattes every time. You can use a measuring cup to ensure you get the perfect amount of milk, or you could eyeball it as you pour.

Does Milk Type Matter?

The type of milk that you use, can also affect the taste and texture of your latte. Whether you use full-fat, skimmed, or non-dairy milk can make a difference. Traditional lattes are made with whole milk, but you can use semi-skimmed or skimmed milk as well. Different types of milk produce varying levels of foam and affect the taste of your latte.

What Temperatures are best for Steaming Milk?

Steaming milk is crucial for a perfect latte. Steaming milk creates microfoam, which is necessary to create latte art, but it also adds a creamy texture and flavor to your latte. The ideal temperature for steaming milk is between 55-62°C. Any hotter than this can scorch the milk and spoil your latte’s taste. You can use a thermometer to ensure you are steaming to the right temperature.

What’s The Ideal Foam to Milk Ratio?

The foam to milk ratio also affects the taste and texture of your latte. Traditionally, lattes have less foam than cappuccinos, but the foam is still essential. You want to strike a balance between the milk and foam. A four to five-second steam can create microfoam, ideal for making latte art and an ideal texture for a latte. The ideal foam to milk ratio for a latte is 1/3 foam and 2/3 milk.


Brewing a latte is an art that requires patience and practice to perfect. However, with the right milk ratio, milk type, temperature and foam to milk ratio, you can get the perfect cup of latte every time. Experiment with different milk types, temperatures, and foam ratios to find your perfect cup, and don’t forget to have fun while doing so! Remember always to keep in mind that the right milk ratio can transform a simple latte into a perfect brew, and that’s the best way to enjoy your coffee any time of the day.

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