Monday, December 4, 2023

No Honey in Coffee: Here’s Why

by Mads

Why don’t we put honey in coffee?

Coffee and honey are two of the most favorite beverages that people enjoy. Coffee provides a quick boost of energy, while honey offers a sweet and natural flavor to drinks. So, why don’t we put honey in coffee? The answer is straightforward – honey and coffee might not blend well together.

The science behind it

Coffee is an acidic beverage, with a PH ranging from 4-5. On the other hand, honey has a PH range of 3.4-6.1. If you add honey to coffee, the PH of the beverage might fluctuate, making it taste different. Acidity can also cause the honey to lose its flavor. Therefore, it’s not ideal to add honey to coffee.

The taste of coffee is ruined

Coffee enthusiasts enjoy their coffee brewed, and they take this drink seriously. Adding honey to coffee might change the taste of the beverage, depending on how much honey you add. Honey has a unique flavor, and it might overpower the taste of your coffee. If you’re used to the original taste of coffee, then adding honey might not be your cup of tea.

Honey’s heat sensitivity

The heating process of brewing coffee might damage the health benefits of honey. When honey gets heated up beyond 118 degrees, the enzymes and nutrients in it get destroyed. Therefore, adding honey to hot coffee might hinder its beneficial properties.

Coffee is already sweet

Most coffee beans have a natural sweet flavor, depending on the origin and roast level. Specialty coffee, for example, has a fruity, nutty, or chocolatey flavor that provides a natural sweetness to coffee. Adding honey might increase the sweetness level beyond what you can handle, making the beverage taste overwhelmingly sugary.

The best alternatives to honey in coffee

If you would like to add sweetness to coffee, there are several substitutes to honey. You can try adding cinnamon, vanilla beans, cardamom, or nutmeg for a natural sweet flavor. You can also use artificial sweeteners such as stevia, Splenda, or Equal, for a sugar-free option.


In conclusion, while honey provides many health benefits and offers a natural flavor to drinks, it might not be the best addition to coffee. With the acidity of coffee and the heat sensitivity of honey, the beverage’s taste and health benefits might be ruined. However, there are alternative options you can use to sweeten your coffee, ensuring you enjoy your coffee without compromising its taste and benefits.

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