Thursday, December 7, 2023

Latte vs Americano: Coffee Comparison

by Mads

What’s the Difference Between Americano and Latte?

If you love coffee, you’ve probably heard of Americano and latte. Both are pretty popular, but if you’re new to the coffee scene, you might be wondering what sets them apart.

To start, let’s look at what they are. Americano is made by adding hot water to a shot of espresso. Latte, on the other hand, is made with steamed milk and a shot of espresso. While they both start with a shot of espresso, the difference lies in the additional ingredients.

The Taste

When it comes to taste, Americano and latte are quite different. Americano is stronger and has a more bitter taste because it’s made with straight espresso. The hot water added to it can dilute the taste a bit, but it’s still noticeably strong.

Latte, on the other hand, is much creamier and smoother thanks to the steamed milk. It has a milder coffee flavour, making it a favourite among those who prefer their coffee to be less intense. With the addition of syrup, caramel or honey, it can be a sweet option.

The Caffeine Content

If you’re looking to get a caffeine fix, Americano has a higher concentration of caffeine since it’s made with straight espresso. The addition of hot water makes the drink last longer, but doesn’t affect the caffeine levels. A latte, on the other hand, has less caffeine because it’s made with a shot of espresso and steamed milk. The milk also has a calming effect that can counteract the caffeine buzz.

The Calories

If you’re counting your calories, a latte may not be for you. The added milk and any syrups or toppings make it higher in calories than an Americano. An eight-ounce latte made with whole milk can have around 120 calories, while an eight-ounce Americano has only around 10 calories.

The Price

Generally, a latte is more expensive than an Americano. The process of steaming the milk takes time, which adds to the cost. On the other hand, Americano is one of the cheapest drink options on a coffee menu. If you’re counting your pennies, an Americano might be a better choice.

The Final Verdict

It all comes down to personal preference. If you’re looking for a strong coffee flavour and a higher caffeine kick, go for an Americano. If you want a creamier, sweeter taste and don’t mind a lower caffeine content, go for a latte. It’s all about experimenting with different drinks and figuring out what works for you.


In summary, Americano and latte are two of the most popular coffee drinks out there. While both start with a shot of espresso, the added ingredients make them different in taste, caffeine content, calories, and price. It ultimately comes down to personal preference, so don’t be afraid to try both and see which one you like best. Keep enjoying your coffee!

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