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Latte or Americano?

by Mads

What’s the difference between Americano and latte?

If you’re a coffee lover, you’ve likely encountered the dilemma of choosing between a latte and an Americano. While both are popular coffee drinks, they differ in their preparation, strength, and taste. In this article, we’ll highlight the differences between the two so you can make an informed decision on your next coffee order.

What is a latte?

A latte is a popular espresso-based drink made by combining a shot or two of espresso, steamed milk, and a layer of frothed milk on top. The ratio of steamed milk to espresso in a latte depends on personal preference, but it’s typically around 3:1. Lattes are often topped with latte art, which is a design made by pouring steamed milk into the espresso.


Lattes have a creamy and rich taste due to the addition of milk, which also helps to mellow the strong taste of espresso. They also come in a variety of flavors, such as vanilla or caramel, which can be added to the milk or espresso.

What is an Americano?

An Americano, on the other hand, is a simple coffee drink made by adding hot water to a shot or two of espresso. The name “Americano” was coined during World War II when American soldiers stationed in Italy would dilute their espresso shots with hot water to make the drink last longer.

Americanos have a bold and strong taste due to the high concentration of espresso, but they lack the creamy texture of a latte. However, Americanos can be customized with added flavor shots or milk, depending on personal preference.

How are they prepared?

Lattes and Americanos are prepared differently. Lattes are made by first pulling one or two shots of espresso into a cup or mug. Then, steamed milk is poured into the cup over the espresso shots, leaving a layer of frothed milk on top. The ratio of milk to espresso can vary depending on personal preference.


Americanos are made by first pulling one or two shots of espresso into a cup. Then, hot water is added, usually in equal parts to the espresso shots, to create a smooth and balanced coffee drink.

Which one is stronger?

When it comes to strength, Americanos are generally considered to be stronger than lattes. This is because Americanos have a higher concentration of espresso, while lattes are diluted with milk. However, the ratio of milk to espresso in a latte can be adjusted to make it stronger or weaker, depending on personal preference.

Which one should you choose?

Choosing between an Americano and a latte ultimately depends on your personal taste preferences. If you prefer a creamy and rich coffee drink with a milder taste, a latte may be the perfect choice for you. On the other hand, if you prefer a strong and bold coffee flavor, a classic Americano may be more up your alley.


It’s also worth noting that lattes tend to be higher in calories due to the addition of milk, while Americanos are a lower calorie option. So, if you’re watching your calorie intake, you may want to opt for an Americano instead.


In summary, Americanos and lattes are two popular coffee drinks that differ in preparation, strength, and taste. Choosing between the two comes down to personal preference, so feel free to experiment with both and find your go-to coffee order. Whether you prefer a creamy and rich latte or a bold and strong Americano, there’s a coffee drink out there for everyone.


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