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Latte or Americano: Which One Is Your Cup Of Joe?

by Mads

Latte or Americano: Which One Is Your Cup Of Joe?

As a coffee lover, you may be wondering about the difference between a latte and an Americano. Both are popular coffee drinks loved by many, but they differ in their taste, preparation, and ingredients. In this article, we will explore the differences between these two beverages and help you decide which one is your cup of Joe.

What’s the difference between Americano and latte?

An Americano is a black coffee that is made by adding hot water to a shot or two of espresso. On the other hand, a latte is a milky coffee drink that is made with espresso, steamed milk, and topped with a layer of frothed milk. Simply put, an Americano is created by diluting an espresso shot with hot water, while a latte is made of espresso and milk.

The difference in taste is significant, with an Americano being stronger and more bitter than a latte, which has a creamier and milder taste. Americano lovers appreciate the stronger coffee taste, while latte fans enjoy the milk-based sweetness.

How to Make an Americano and a Latte?

The preparation of each drink is also different. To make an Americano, first, the bartender pulls a shot or two of espresso, then adds hot water to this coffee base. The amount of water can vary depending on the strength of the Americano you want. The general ratio is one shot of espresso with 2-5 ounces of water.

For a latte, the process starts with steaming milk, but not frothing it yet. Before the milk is steamed, a shot of espresso is made and poured into a glass. After that, carefully poured steamed milk and foam are added over the shot of espresso to make a creamy latté.

The Differences in Ingredients

Apart from the taste, Americano and latte vary in their ingredients. As mentioned, an Americano is a watered-down espresso made by adding hot water. On the other hand, for a latte, apart from the espresso and hot water, the other key ingredient is steamed milk. Often, latte is topped off with whipped cream or chocolate powder.

Which one should you choose?

There is no straight answer to this question, as the choice between latte and Americano ultimately comes down to personal preference. If you are looking for a coffee with a stronger and more bitter taste, you may appreciate an Americano. However, if you are searching for a milk-based and more flavorful drink, you might enjoy a latte.

If you are just beginning to explore the world of coffee, we suggest trying both drinks to see which one tickles your taste buds the most. The best part of coffee is the variety of options available, so experiment with a few coffee recipes and find the perfect one that suits your palate.


In conclusion, an Americano and a latte are two of the most popular coffee drinks around the globe. They differ in their taste, preparation, and ingredients. If you are someone who loves a stronger and bitter taste, an Americano might be your thing.

However, if you want something sweet and milky, then a latte could be the perfect drink to satisfy your coffee cravings. At the end of the day, when it comes to choosing between these two beverages, it’s all about personal preference and what you look for in your daily cup of Joe.

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