Monday, December 4, 2023

Honey in Coffee: A Bad Combo?

by Mads

Is it a Good Idea to Put Honey in Coffee?

Coffee is a favorite beverage for many people, and there are those who go beyond the usual sugar and creamer as additives. One such addition is Honey. While some people enjoy the sweet taste of honey in their coffee, others believe that it is not a perfect combination. But why? In this article, we will delve deeper into the topic of Honey in Coffee and answer the question, why don’t we put Honey in Coffee?

Why don’t we put honey in coffee?

The first reason not to put Honey in Coffee is that honey is a natural sweetener, and it has a distinct taste. Honey has a unique flavor profile that may not be compatible with the bitter coffee taste. Some people might even find it too sweet, which could ruin the taste of the coffee. Therefore, if you value the aroma and taste of the coffee, you might not want to put honey in it.

Additionally, honey is more viscous than liquid sweeteners, such as sugar or syrup. Honey’s thickness might affect the texture of the coffee, making it feel heavier or thicker to drink. This texture change can also be a deterrent and cause people to avoid using honey as a sweetener in their coffee.

Another reason not to put honey in coffee is that honey has different health benefits and effects when mixed with hot water than when eaten plain. Heating up honey alters its structure, which can cause it to form toxic compounds. Therefore, it is better to consume honey in its natural form, rather than heating it up in coffee and risking losing out on its health benefits.

Can we put honey in coffee, and how to do it?

While we have outlined reasons not to put honey in coffee, some people still prefer the sweet taste in their coffee. If you aren’t put off by the taste and texture of honey in coffee, there are some ways to prepare the perfect cup.

First, use a high-quality pure honey to avoid a distorted taste. Metric raw honey or other pure honey brands are great options to try. Add the honey to the coffee after adding the milk or creamer and stirring. This reduces the chances of the coffee getting burnt or overheated, which can adversely affect the honey’s flavor and nutritional benefits.

If you do not want your coffee’s texture to be affected by the thicker texture of honey, consider making a honey simple syrup instead. This simple syrup involves dissolving honey in water to make a thinner and more liquid form that can be added to your coffee. However, be sure to store the syrup separately from the coffee and milk to avoid the risk of the syrup becoming rancid.


In conclusion, honey in coffee is a choice individuals have to make based on their preference and taste. While adding honey can add a sweet touch to coffee or tea, it can affect its texture and taste, and one should opt for alternative sweeteners if they do not like honey. However, if you choose to add honey to your coffee, we hope this article helps you make an informed decision on how to do it the right way!

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