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Cappuccino Time Limits in Italy

by Mads

The Secret Behind Cappuccino Time Limits in Italy

As a coffee lover, have you ever wondered why Italians don’t drink cappuccino after 11 in the morning? Perhaps you’ve traveled to Italy and noticed the curious looks you receive when you order this beloved beverage in the afternoon. Don’t worry; you’re not alone.

Why Do Italians Not Drink Cappuccino After 11?

Italians have a strict rule when it comes to cappuccino: It’s a morning-only beverage. But why is that, you ask? Well, the reason is tied to their eating habits and traditions.

In Italy, breakfast is a light meal that typically consists of a croissant and coffee. Therefore, cappuccino is a morning beverage and a substitute for a more substantial breakfast. Italians believe that drinking milk after a heavy meal (such as lunch or dinner) can cause digestion problems, so they opt for espresso instead. Hence, cappuccino is reserved for breakfast and morning breaks only.

Additionally, cappuccino is a social beverage. Italians like to enjoy it while chatting with friends, business partners, or family members, but only in the morning when they have free time. After 11, people are back to work, and it’s not customary to stop and have a drink for a more extended period, so the focus turns to more serious matters instead.

The Italian Coffee Culture

Italian coffee culture is rich and varied. You can find different types of coffee drinks in various regions of Italy, each with its unique flavor. For example, in the north, you’ll find a preference for cappuccino, while in the south, people prefer an espresso or a macchiato.

Coffee is a vital part of Italian culture, and there are specific rituals and traditions surrounding its consumption. Italians take coffee very seriously, and there is an unwritten code for ordering and drinking coffee. People generally stand while drinking espresso or macchiato, and they sip it quickly while chatting with friends or reading the newspaper.

When you’re in Italy, don’t be surprised if you see people ordering a shot of espresso while standing at the bar. It’s customary to drink coffee while standing, but if you prefer to sit, you can ask for a table. Keep in mind that sitting at a table comes with added service costs.

The Best Times to Drink Cappuccino in Italy

If you want to try a cappuccino in Italy, the best time is in the morning, usually between 8 am and 11 am. You’ll find cappuccino served in bars and cafes all over the country, but some of the best places are in Rome or Naples.

Cappuccino in Italy is not just about the beverage itself, but the entire experience. People usually pair it with a croissant or a piece of biscotti, and they take the time to enjoy it while savoring the moment. If you’re in a rush, it’s better to opt for an espresso or a macchiato instead.


In summary, cappuccino is a beloved beverage in Italy, but strictly reserved for the morning hours. Italians have a unique coffee culture that revolves around specific rituals and traditions, and cappuccino plays an essential role in it.

If you’re visiting Italy, we recommend you embrace the local culture, order a cappuccino in the morning, and enjoy it with a croissant or biscotti. You’ll have an authentic Italian experience and may even discover a newfound love for this famous beverage.

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