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Can You Froth Oat Milk? What You Need to Know

by Mads

The shift in lifestyles towards more diet-friendly options has also escalated the demand for alternatives to cow’s milk. Oat milk is the most popular choice among the other options, such as soy milk, almond milk, and cashew milk.

Oat milk is an excellent alternative for people who enjoy coffee but are vegan, lactose intolerant or looking for a change. However, if you’re expecting quality coffee, you’re probably wondering, ‘can you froth oat milk?.

You can easily froth oat milk due to the creamy texture of the milk. It also froths pretty close to dairy milk and has the added benefit of its bright mild flavor. You can easily have quality froth from oat milk by following a few simple steps.

By the end of this article, you’ll know much more about oat milk and the frothing process of oat milk.

How is Oat Milk Made?

The main ingredients of oat milk include carbohydrates, protein, and fat. The high contents of fats and protein also help in creating the foam.

You can make oat milk by soaking oats overnight and adding water to blend in the mixture. Make sure to use a cheesecloth to drain the mix to avoid any residue in the milk.

Benefits of Oat Milk

Oat milk is a healthier alternative to dairy milk for vegans, people that have lactose intolerance, and nut allergies.

However, some people also prefer oat milk over the taste of cow milk.

How to Froth Oat Milk for Your Coffee?

As more people opt for oat milk, many restaurants and cafes have oat milk coffee on their menu. The coffee’s froth and consistency are a significant selling point for coffee bars. However, you can learn to create quality froth at home.

You can save some money and time by enjoying quality oat milk coffee with the perfect froth at home.

By following the steps given below to froth oat milk, you would no longer require professionals to do it for you.

1.   Fill Your Pitcher

Fill your frothing container into only one-third of the parts with cold oat milk. Then, as you froth the milk, it triples in quantity, so you don’t need to fill the container to the top.

2.   Use an Electric or Hand Frother

You can either use a steaming wand, hand frother, or an electric frother.

Whatever equipment you use, make sure it is clean. Keep it closer to the surface once you dip the equipment in the milk.

3.   Start the Frothing Process

Once you start frothing, the milk will rise in the container. Keep lifting your frother upwards as the milk rises but make sure it stays inside.

4.   Check the Temperature

Keep a check of the temperature of the milk with a thermometer, and once it reaches 140° F or 60°C, stop heating it further.

140°F or 60°C is the ideal temperature for perfect foam and prevents the milk from burning as well.

5.   Pour the Milk Into the Coffee Mix

Pour the frothed oat milk into your coffee immediately. This will allow the foam to settle at the top of your coffee.

Now you can finally enjoy your oat milk coffee with froth on top.

Can you Froth Oat Milk Without a Frother?

You can froth oat milk without a frother. However, it won’t produce the exact amounts of foam and would require more effort to create the perfect froth.

There are more ways than one to froth your oat milk without a frother. You can use whichever method you find the most convenient to use.

Different Ways to Froth Oat Milk

Froth Oat Milk With a Hand Mixer/Whisk

Pour the oat milk in a large bowl, enough to have space for the milk to froth.

Use a whisk or any hand mixer of your choice and mix at high speed. This may take several minutes, depending on your capacity.

Once the desired level of foam is created, you can shift it to a microwave-safe bowl to heat it.

Froth Oat Milk in a Blender

Blender is an excellent option to froth oat milk as it is available in most kitchens and does not require human strength like a hand whisk.

All you have to do is pour the oat milk into a blender and leave enough space for the milk to froth.

Finally, blend it till the foam is created.

Froth Oat Milk in a Jar

A jar is available in every house and does not require electricity either.

Pour the oat milk into a jar, filling only ⅔. Close the jar and shake it till the milk froth is formed.

Froth Oat Milk in a Food Processor

Frothing in a food processor is very similar to a blender. Moreover, it has a broader capacity and allows more air to help create the froth.

Is Oat Milk Good in Coffee?

Oat milk is an excellent alternative to regular cow milk for your coffee. The rich and creamy texture of the oat milk and the fact that it does not overpower the taste makes it perfect for coffee and lattes.

Most coffee shops are now providing the option of oat milk as a non-dairy alternative.

The perfect balance of flavor in terms of sweetness and the ability to froth oat milk has made it a popular choice among consumers.

Is Frothing Oat Milk the Same as the Normal Frothing Process

The frothing process for oat milk is similar to that of regular dairy milk. The only difference is the texture of the milk.

For the oat milk to froth better, the ratio of oats to water must be such that the consistency of the milk is creamy and not watery.

Reasons Why Your Oat Milk Is Not Frothing

Although oat milk froths quite well than other non-dairy milk alternatives, it may take longer and require more effort to froth. If you’re struggling with frothing oat milk, there are usually only a few reasons that could be behind it.

A common reason why oat milk doesn’t froth is that you’re not frothing it for the right amount of time or giving it the proper effort required.


Oat milk is the best plant-based beverage that is used by baristas. The creamy texture and the high contents of proteins and fat in oat milk make it froth so well.

Frothing oat milk is as easy as that of dairy milk. You can also froth oat milk without a frother by using simple home appliances such as a blender, food processor, or even a jar.

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