Thursday, December 7, 2023

Can You Drink Coffee With Invisalign?

by Mads

If you like a good cup of coffee, you may be concerned about how having Invisalign may affect your morning routine. Is it possible to have a cup of coffee and wear Invisalign aligners at the same time? In this article, I’ll go over everything you need to know about how to drink coffee while undergoing Invisalign treatment, as well as provide you with some useful tips and suggestions.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Drinking Coffee With Invisalign

If you’re wearing Invisalign trays, you shouldn’t consume coffee. While wearing your trays, you should only drink water from the tap or from pure bottled water. Why? The following are a handful of reasons why.

  • Invisalign trays may get stained, discolored, or discolored in other ways if you drink anything other than water. This might cause your aligners to be more noticeable. Invisalign trays may also make your teeth more susceptible to staining, since coffee will be trapped between the trays and your teeth.
  • Drinking a lot of cream and sugar in your coffee might lead to tooth damage, since coffee is acidic. Since acidic and sugary liquids are trapped between your Invisalign trays and teeth when you drink coffee while wearing them, this might increase your risk of tooth decay.
  • Invisalign trays are composed of “thermoplastics,” which are heat-sensitive and may deform. Drinking hot beverages, such as coffee, might cause the trays to bend and cause problems with your treatment.

Because of all of these reasons, you should not drink coffee while wearing Invisalign. Even so, you may still have a cup of coffee in the morning.

Tips for People with Invisalign

Don’t worry if you’re a coffee drinker. You can still have a cup of coffee while wearing Invisalign braces. A few simple modifications are all that is required.

  • Whenever you’re ready to enjoy a cup of coffee, just remove your trays and place them in their carrying case. As a result, there’s less chance of anything bad happening to your Invisalign.
  • If you have Invisalign, you can’t enjoy a cup of coffee for more than a few minutes at a time. We suggest consuming your coffee within 15 to 30 minutes if feasible. You’ll be able to put your trays back in quicker if you consume your coffee more quickly.
  • Lessening or eliminating the usage of cream and sugar in your coffee will help keep your teeth healthy and prevent the spread of germs on your trays.

Your teeth should be brushed or rinsed after you’ve had a cup of joe. Rinse, then place the trays in your mouth and go on with your day as usual.

Related Frequently Asked Questions

Can you drink coffee with a straw with Invisalign?

When you’re having Invisalign treatment, it’s a good idea to consume your liquids using a straw. Your teeth and your Invisalign will have less contact if you drink using a straw. Use a straw if you must drink anything sweet or alcoholic while wearing Invisalign.

What drinks can you drink with Invisalign?

During Invisalign treatment, you may consume beer, wine, soda, juice, and any other beverage. However, as previously said, you must remove the aligners first. Water is the only liquid you may safely consume while wearing clear aligners.

Do you have to brush your teeth after drinking coffee with Invisalign?

You’ll need to remove your aligners if you want to have a cup of coffee. Before put your aligners back in place after you’ve had a cup of coffee, be sure to clean and rinse your teeth. Over time, the aligners themselves might become discolored and noticeable if you wear them while drinking coffee.

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