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Can You Boil Water in a Coffee Maker? (All You Need to Know!)

by Mads

A good coffee maker is a life-saving machine that gives you a reason to smile in the morning. But sometimes you can be in a hurry and want your coffee machine to do everything for you.

We’ve all been at the same spot, and here’s your answer to “can you boil water in a coffee maker?”

Most coffee makers can’t entirely boil water, but they can heat it close to the boiling point (205°F or 96°C). However, your coffee machine will make the water hot enough for a good cup of coffee or tea. 

There’s a good reason why coffee makers can’t entirely boil water and are limited to heating the water till 205°F or 96°C.

This article will list everything you need to know about boiling and heating water in a coffee maker.

Why Can’t Coffee Makers Boil Water?

The general idea is that coffee makers can quickly boil water, but that’s not the case. You can only heat water in your coffee maker to a limit.

Most coffee makers are intentionally made to not reach the entire boiling point of water for two solid reasons:

  1. Boiling water does not make good quality coffee
  2. Water converts into steam at boiling point. And, steam gets stuck and can damage the coffee maker.

In most cases, your coffee maker would heat water in the range of the recommended brewing temperature of 195°F to 205°F or 90°C to 96°C. Moreover, you’d need to completely change the workings of your coffee maker and make it something like a pressure cooker if you wanted it to boil water.

Can All Coffee Makers Boil Water?

The only coffee makers that can boil water are the ones that would work on alternative heat sources such as putting directly over an open flame or the burner. Most coffee makers will only heat the water close to the boiling point.

The majority of the coffee makers aren’t built to boil water. As a result, only a few coffee makers can achieve the boiling point of water. 

Coffee makers that can boil water usually work on an alternative heat source, such as directly over an open flame or the stove.

Is It Safe to Heat Water in a Coffee Maker?

By now, we’ve realized that most coffee makers can only heat water but not entirely boil them. However, a significant concern is if it’s safe to heat water in a coffee maker.

It’s entirely safe to heat the water inside your coffee maker as long as you start with cool or room temperature water. It’s recommended not to pour hot water and heat it further because it can absorb the contaminants in the heating pipes of your coffee maker.

It’s crucial that you start by pouring cool or room temperature water and then heat it inside your coffee maker. 

Pouring hot water and trying to heat it further can damage the pipes of your coffee maker. Hot water also absorbs the contaminants attached to the pipes of the coffee maker, which could be harmful to your health. 

How to Properly Heat Water in a Coffee Maker?

Heating water in a coffee maker is a simple process. But if you want excellent coffee and prolong the life of your coffee maker, you need to follow the proper steps.

Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when heating water in your coffee maker.

1. Clean Your Coffee Maker

A vital step to having quality coffee is cleaning your coffee maker before and after making coffee. 

Your coffee maker has contaminants such as metals and bacteria attached to the pipes and surface. 

Cleaning the coffee maker properly will ensure your coffee tastes pure.

2. Pour the Right Sort of Water

Firstly, don’t forget to pour water into your coffee maker before heating it. Your coffee maker can get ruined if there’s no water and you try to heat it. 

Pouring cool or room temperature water into the coffee maker will make better-tasting coffee because it won’t have contaminants attached to it and would be fresher.

Using mineral or filtered water will enhance the quality of your coffee and be beneficial to your health and prolong the life of your coffee maker.

3. Heat the Water & Enjoy Your Coffee

In the end, you can heat the water and wait two to eight minutes. However, it’s recommended not to heat water repeatedly to boil it because it can damage the coffee maker.

You can then use the hot water to make and enjoy a fresh cup of quality coffee.


Most coffee makers can’t boil water entirely, and that’s okay because they heat the water to the ideal temperature for quality coffee, which they’re made to do.
However, if you’re determined to boil water, you can always do it through other means such as using a kettle or boiling the water separately over a stove and then using it for coffee.

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