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Best Coffee for Beginners: How to Start Drinking Coffee

by Mads

Coffee is a fact of life for many people around the world. If you’ve never had the pleasure of sipping a cup and feeling caffeine kick in, you might be hesitant to give it a go. Don’t be—it can be a very enjoyable experience, as long as you follow it up with some common-sense steps to make sure your health isn’t affected. Put the advice in this article to good use, and your first taste of the coffee will likely be just the start of a lifelong love affair!


Coffee is a brewed drink prepared from a mixture of roasted coffee beans. the most credible evidence of coffee is from the 15th century it was made by the Yemenis by the end of the 15th century and at the start of the 16th-century coffee had reached the middle east and the rest of Europe.

How is Coffee Made? 

Coffee is made by brewing a mixture of coffee beans and adding milk or water to it depending on the person’s choice. Coffee is not only served hot but is pretty liked in its cold form, the iced coffee. 

The three of the main type of coffee beans are: 

  • Robusta coffee – notoriously bitter and is used primarily in instant coffee
  • Liberica coffee – metallic, woody taste, and is generally a little bitter.
  • Arabica coffee – typically sweeter with fruity flavors

Some people say that Liberica is the sweetest type of coffee that they have tasted.

Coffee is a wonderful beverage. It has its bitterness and its sweetness. An amazing drink that can be enjoyed at any time of the day, solo or with friends and family. The versatility of this beloved beverage is what makes it so appealing to so many people.

To start drinking coffee, you need to know a couple of things: it’s addictive, and you’ll want to buy a lot of it.

How to make coffee as a beginner:

The best coffee for beginners is the type of coffee that teaches them how to make great coffee. Here’s what you need to know:

Get some quality beans. You can roast your own in a hot pot on the stove or an oven, or just buy some already roasted from a company you trust. 

Get yourself a coffee grinder. but if you cannot buy a coffee grinder u can also make coffee in a blender all you have to do is get a jar that can fit your blender in it add some coffee, sugar, and some water blend it till it gets foamy. Pour in milk, hot or cold, as you like it.

Remember that coffee is addictive! Make sure you make enough for everyone else in your house because once they smell it they’ll be coming out of the woodwork for a cup too! They say that coffee helps them stay focused and alert throughout the day!

The Best Coffee for Beginners:

If it is the first time you are visiting a Coffee shop or haven’t had a great experience in ordering coffee at first and you are finding yourself confused on what to order. Here is a list of some yummilicious coffee choices for you as a beginner.

The Top 5 Picks for Coffee Beginners

  • Mocha
  • Cappuccino
  • Latte
  • Flat white
  • Iced coffee

1. Mocha

Mocha puts down easy-to-drink coffee if you are not used to drinking it. With chocolate added to an espresso shot or cold milk before removing the foam, you can’t go wrong. Many new coffee makers try mocha first as it is a safe bet! This chocolatey flavor will send you on the right track as you head into the wonderful world of coffee. Drinking once will lead a healthy life from here on out!

2. Cappuccino

If you are not used to drinking coffee every day then a choice for you is a cappuccino! A combination of espresso shorts, condensed milk, and at least 1.5 cm of foam. In Italy, people don’t tend to add chocolate powder in cappuccinos but it is normal to add it in the United States.

A great way to become a coffee aficionado is to add dessert with coffee like creamy cupcakes or some delicious cookies.

3. Latte

Lattes are also a great way to start drinking a lot of coffee. Similar to cappuccino, the latte is also one of the best coffee for beginners it has an espresso shot, hot milk, and a portion of foam at the top! Latte is known for its beautiful latte art and many talented baristas will be able to make it. Baristas make art over this coffee for a beautiful presentation. Commonly liked art are hearts, swans and some can even make sceneries on a latte. 

4. Flat white

Once you’ve mastered the other coffees, another type of coffee for beginners is a flat white, flat whites are similar to lattes with the espresso shot and steamed milk, except it has little to no foam on the top. So why not try a flat white. 

5. Iced coffee

All of the coffees mention above are hot coffee but with summer approaching an iced coffee is the most fitting. so it’s summer but you still want the kick of caffeine that u got from coffee well the solution for that is an iced coffee it will give you the kick of caffeine that you got from the other coffees. Not only will this option get you the caffeine kick you’re after, but it will also keep you nice and cool.


It is recommended that you get a coffee grinder and freshly roasted beans. Only by grinding beans can you enjoy the aroma of the coffee, ensure that the right ratio of water to grinds is achieved, and get maximum flavor out of the bean.

So, if you haven’t been drinking coffee until now and want to give it a try, then don’t worry about potential side effects. The best way to drink coffee is in moderation, so consume the beverage in such a manner that is most comfortable and beneficial to your body. Start slow and work your way up as your body can handle it. And enjoy!

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