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Avoiding Cultural Faux Pas: Why You Should Think Twice Before Ordering a Latte in Italy

by Mads

Why not to order latte in Italy?

If you’re a coffee lover, Italy might just be the ultimate destination for you. With its rich coffee culture and deep traditions, Italy is home to some of the most iconic coffee drinks in the world. However, while there are plenty of fantastic coffee options to choose from, there is one drink that you should think twice about ordering – the latte.

Now, you might be thinking that a latte is a perfectly normal and popular coffee option, so what could possibly go wrong with ordering one in Italy? Well, as it turns out, the word “latte” means something very different in Italian, and ordering one could potentially lead to some cultural faux pas.

When you order a latte in Italy, you’re essentially asking for a glass of hot milk. That’s right, no coffee in sight. While this might seem strange to coffee lovers from other parts of the world, it’s a common practice in Italy to drink milk separately from coffee.

So, if you’re looking for a classic coffee experience in Italy, you’ll want to steer clear of the latte and opt for one of the many other delicious options available.

So, What Can You Order Instead?

If you’re visiting Italy and looking for a coffee experience that will truly transport you to the heart of Italian culture, there are plenty of incredible options to choose from. Here are a few of the top picks:

1. Espresso – This is the most iconic Italian coffee drink, and for good reason. Made from finely ground coffee beans and served in a small cup, espresso is powerful, intense, and distinctive.

2. Cappuccino – If you’re looking for a coffee drink with a little milk, cappuccino is the way to go. Made from espresso and steamed milk, it’s the perfect mid-morning pick-me-up.

3. Americano – If you’re used to a large cup of coffee, an Americano might be more your style. Made from espresso and hot water, it’s a great option for those who prefer a milder coffee taste.

4. Macchiato – If you’re looking for a coffee with a bit of sweetness, macchiato is the perfect choice. Made from espresso and a dollop of foamed milk, it’s a delicious and satisfying treat.

Why Should You Care About Cultural Faux Pas?

Now, you might be thinking that ordering a latte in Italy is a harmless mistake, and surely no one will judge you for it. However, there are a few reasons why it’s important to be aware of cultural differences when traveling.

Firstly, showing respect for the local culture is important, especially when you’re a guest in someone else’s country. By taking the time to understand and appreciate the traditions and customs of the place you’re visiting, you’ll have a more meaningful and authentic experience.

Secondly, cultural awareness can help you avoid potentially embarrassing situations. While ordering a latte might not seem like a big deal, it could lead to confusion or misunderstandings, which can be uncomfortable for everyone involved.

Lastly, being aware of cultural differences can help you build stronger relationships with the people you meet while traveling. By showing an interest in and respect for the local culture, you’ll be able to connect with people on a deeper level and have more meaningful conversations and experiences.


If you’re a coffee lover planning a trip to Italy, there are plenty of incredible coffee options to choose from. However, if you want to avoid any cultural faux pas, it’s best to steer clear of the latte and opt for one of the many other delicious options available. By taking the time to understand and appreciate the local culture, you’ll be able to have a more authentic and meaningful experience while traveling. So, order up a classic Italian espresso, sit back, and enjoy the rich coffee culture that Italy has to offer.

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